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  1. What is on my mind....
  2. Tuna Salad
  3. Chicken Souvlaki
  4. Game: Post a Random Fact About Yourself
  5. Game: Who Will Post Next?
  6. Game: The Person Below Me
  7. Ridiculous Question about a commercial!
  8. Christmas is NOT a Dirty Word
  9. How to Write a Research Paper
  10. Sarah and Santa
  11. debbie downer at work.
  12. Music always helps me obtain a little peace of mind
  13. What Christmas is all about
  14. so, i was thinking...
  15. F.Y.I theLoveLogic's New Year's Goals
  16. Don't Know What To Do :(
  17. Random Fashion Questions
  18. Does anyone here Yelp?
  19. One Moment In Time
  20. Update
  21. Oy vey.
  22. Wow. My heart is beating a mile a minute ....
  23. A Video from my show lastnight
  24. Facebook pages - I'd like to add my LL friends :)
  25. A few more videos from my show
  26. Please send me good thoughts .....
  27. Just For Fun The Newest Diet Trends
  28. Wow, it's been so .....
  29. What do you prefer?
  30. Goooooooddd news!!!!!!!!!!!
  31. My new job...
  32. Wow, where did that come from?!
  33. Most Random Phone Call Ever
  34. Yes, I'm A Bad American
  35. Deep Thought Random Thoughts
  36. What I Saw Today
  37. Running For thoughts
  38. I made a music video...
  39. Facebook - The site that everyone loves to hate!
  40. Deep Thought Odd Feeling
  41. Happy b-day text after 8 months? Weird!
  42. Ack :(
  43. Deep Thought Tossing things around in my mind
  44. Question Is it wrong to,...
  45. Death , Heaven & Hell
  46. F.Y.I A Quick Note About Our Site
  47. Deep Thought Dealing with a new feeling? Or phase?
  48. Stressed Out!
  49. Just For Fun 'He Needs Me' Popeye
  50. Sigh...
  51. I have a bad feeling...
  52. Upload your pictures to theLoveLogic
  53. What I've Learned reflection
  54. Urgent To all members - Rules Violations at theLoveLogic
  55. Just a random thought
  56. Where is everybody?
  57. Stuck! Idk what to do anymore!
  58. Deep Thought How to Deal with Resentment?
  59. Deep Thought Going back
  60. Help my fiancee worries shes bisexual
  61. Question Why do I think my guy is???
  62. Pda
  63. Just For Fun Do Cars Get Girls?