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  4. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus
  5. John Travolta's 16 year old son dies in the Bahamas
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  11. The 10 year Anniversary of Columbine High School Massacre
  12. The Swine Flu
  13. Texas Woman Told to Remove 'Offensive' American Flag
  14. New Actor David Carradine found dead in Bangkok
  15. New Farrah Fawcett Dies at 62
  16. New Michael Jackson Has died - Multiple news reports
  17. Pink Jail Cells?
  18. "Notes on a Scandal"
  19. The New 1,200 Calorie Sandwich from KFC
  20. Patrick Swayze dies at 57
  21. Charges in Michael Jackson's death expected Monday
  22. Guinness good for you - official