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  1. The LL is back !
  2. The Forums are up and fully functional
  3. F.Y.I It's Darryl's Birthday today!
  4. F.Y.I We Missed Kelley's Birthday!
  5. F.Y.I Congratulatons TDG!
  6. F.Y.I A Very Special Birthday
  7. Woot!
  8. the reason i've been MIA the last week or so...
  9. My First 5k!
  10. The Terror is Over
  11. Just an update
  12. Happy birthday superdave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. F.Y.I New Moderators Join theLoveLogic Team
  14. Just For Fun Pac Man
  15. Just For Fun Ms. Pac Man
  16. theLoveLogic has been renewed!
  17. I Have a New "Grand-Cousin"!
  18. Urgent theLoveLogic has reached 1,000 threads!
  19. I got a new job!
  20. New Major Upgrade for theLoveLogic Coming Soon
  21. Happy Birthday OhManINeedCoffee!!!
  22. Happy Birthday to thatdoggirl!
  23. Happy Birthday to Dan72!
  24. Save the drama for your mama?! Well, the Good BAD news about my ex!
  25. New TheLoveLogic has a new Picture Gallery
  26. Proudly announcing...
  27. So I was in the neighborhood
  28. New A Stranger Returns!