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  1. Thank you for your emails!
  2. Congratulations
  3. To all you young people...
  4. Getting to know you (a little bit)
  5. Reasons I'm Afraid of Scuba Diving
  6. Old Guys in the Gym
  7. Actual Conversation With a Student I Had:
  8. A Breakthrough in Human Understand I've Achieved This Year
  9. Have you guys seen this?
  10. Word Association Game
  11. The Daffy Parachute Game
  12. Christmas Rules to Live By
  13. Snow Couples Realtionship issues
  14. Scotland !
  15. Some good one liners !
  16. Picture Association game
  17. Smart Answer Awards 2008
  18. 12 Days of Christmas Correspondence
  19. Carols For the Psychiatrically Challenged
  20. Christmas Carols
  21. How to Tell if Your A Grinch
  22. Corporate Memo
  23. Christmas Jokes
  24. Fruitcake Recipe
  25. Unknown Reindeer
  26. Nine Words Women Use
  27. Favorite Quotes
  28. Personality Quiz
  29. Just For Fun For those of you going through a break up..
  30. New Years Resolutions
  31. Reasons Why I Sometimes Wish I Were My Cat
  32. Bored on youtube.
  33. Change Me?
  34. Man Laws
  35. Just For Fun Taco eatting World Record
  36. You have GOT to be kidding!
  37. More Motivational Posters
  38. Just For Fun The internet is for Porn...
  39. Just For Fun Cooper Wire
  40. Flight Engineers
  41. As I Mature
  42. Sign of the times
  43. How to Give a Cat a Pill
  44. Just For Fun Etum & Juice
  45. For the Ladies
  46. Kids
  47. Car Trouble
  48. Funny Games
  49. Oldie but goldie
  50. When to Start Cussing
  51. Dead Men Tell No Tales
  52. Question Are Women BORN this way!?!?
  53. Just For Fun Cat Bowling - Just in time for Halloween
  54. Just For Fun HIGH SCHOOL -- 1957 vs. 2009
  55. Question I came across this and was just wondering...
  56. Can Cold Water Clean Dishes?
  57. The Funniest Videos on the Internet
  58. New More Motivational Posters
  59. Just For Fun National Potato Chip Day
  60. The Elephant Story
  61. What I've Learned About cats...
  62. Just For Fun Everything I learned about love I learned from trashy romance novels