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  1. The 80/20 Rule
  2. Can exes be friends?
  3. A sleepless ramble
  4. I would like to say Goodbye to her
  5. How To Break Up?
  6. What is a 'break' anyway??
  7. 10 truths you need to accept about breaking up
  8. Help! Quick!
  9. IS There more?
  10. Young 'love' and heartbreak...
  11. Help I need some advice!!
  12. Songs To Cope With The Break-Up
  13. Posting again.... Making my own decision (haven't decided yet)
  14. How To Get over a break up
  15. How To How to break up with someone
  16. My Apologies for Going MIA!
  17. Story Time
  18. F.Y.I The Dreaded Day of Doom -Valentine's Day!
  19. So I *think* this is it.
  20. What I've Learned After Four Months...
  21. i feel the need to say HI..
  22. Lonely Nights
  23. Random Phone Call After a Year!!
  24. My Love My World.
  25. "From so much love...to so much hate"!!!!Please Help
  26. I am here again and now the break up is here too!!!
  27. Help Still feel for him, what can I do?
  28. No title.
  29. My story
  30. Picking Up Personal Belongings After Breakup
  31. Help Should i let go?
  32. Afraid to go N.C.
  33. Just an update.....
  34. Breaking up as friends?
  35. Help What should i do?
  36. She met someone else - I messed it all up
  37. What I've Learned She moved on so fast
  38. New When their heart belongs to another
  39. just long enough ...
  40. Question from the male point of view
  41. Deep Thought Ma story revealed
  42. A Song
  43. Question Romantic feelings for two people at the same time?
  44. 'If it's meant to be...'
  45. Just happened and confused!
  46. Question Is there a chance?
  47. Incredibly confused..
  48. Cannot move on
  49. New Development UPDATE! She texted me...
  50. F.Y.I Breaking Up Is STILL Hard For Us To Do
  51. Deep Thought Owning My Power
  52. Hey everyone
  53. Deep Thought What If Honeymoon Phase Is When Love IS The Most Pure?
  54. Life is crazy......
  55. First loves
  56. Help Excruciating pain
  57. New Development The last day has come
  58. What is dumper thinking? i need your advice and help!
  59. Jealousy after break-up means love???
  60. paranoid
  61. on the way
  62. Question about NC
  63. has anyone seen this
  64. I dont get it
  65. Life is crazy #2
  66. Getting crazy
  67. Help Sorry for my englisch but need some advice
  68. I have an update
  69. Update
  70. Got back together
  71. Need a second opinion
  72. Getting back together
  73. Update and a big hello
  74. God this sucks!!!
  75. Deep Thought What a difference a year makes
  76. Ongoing issues
  77. New Newbie and of course heartbroken
  78. First loves
  79. My background story - Work in progress
  80. need some opinions on this
  81. The hook
  82. A Wedding
  83. Dreams
  84. Deep Thought It hurts...
  85. Text message from guess who
  86. need help, fast
  87. Email From the X
  88. Part two email ..please read
  89. New Development Help, what do I do?
  90. New Years Eve
  91. I could never find one such as you...
  92. Humiliated again.....
  93. Crap, crap, crap......
  94. Dating Tips: 5 Signs You're Headed Toward a Breakup
  95. Why You Got Dumped - AGAIN
  96. New Broke NC
  97. Talk about down the drain...
  98. an old romance
  99. Sometimes you're better off just saying goodbye.
  100. We broke up. :-(
  101. New Need help as going through a break up while my ex is pregnant with our Baby
  102. The Science of Hearthache
  103. Just venting.....and trying not to cave
  104. What I've Learned What's the best way to handle this???
  105. It
  106. 1 out of 25 people in the world are sociopaths - was your ex one of them?
  107. My Maths
  108. Am I gonna be able to let him go?
  109. "Your addicted to love"
  110. You Can't Take Me Away -SuperDave71
  111. What I've Learned One Last Cry - SuperDave71
  112. what next?
  113. Unfortunately I am back........
  114. Was I played? The LONG and complete story.
  115. Another attempt at keeping me in the safety zone.
  116. Deep Thought Can't Let Go
  117. New Ignoring her at the gym
  118. foolish
  119. Where do I go from here?
  120. wont leave me alone.
  121. the result of my attempt to cut this girl off completely.
  122. Question About N.C. Is there ever a good time to break NC?
  123. No Contact Rule
  124. Help i may have really messed up initiating NC... help!
  125. Just For Fun Poll: "Staying Friends" After a Breakup
  126. What I've Learned The 80:20 Principle (no not the Pareto Principle!)
  127. I need to protect myself
  128. Does my ex want me back?
  129. Breaking up "by the book"...are all the bases covered?
  130. Deep Thought Could this be categorized as a break up? Or am I overanalyzing?
  131. My break up situation
  132. Help How can I get my ex girlfriend back?
  133. Break up message to ex girlfriend
  134. Help what goes around comes around?
  135. When will the pain end ?
  136. I feel like breaking NC!
  137. Help weird emotions after break up. Not sure if I miss her or not.
  138. The Smallest Steps are the Best!
  139. Circle Of Influence
  140. Hi All, I'm baaaaaack
  141. I Can't Stop Loving You - SuperDave71
  142. Help He left me and I can't help blaming me and myself only
  143. Two missed calls early hours of this morning ....
  144. New Day 1 of No Contact - Online Relationship Nightmare
  145. its a tough one.
  146. Trying to change my way of communication
  147. Help Finally contacted me but now I'm more confused than ever
  148. Strangers, Again..
  149. He blew a hole in my life :(
  150. What I've Learned NC doesn't come naturally... at least for me it didn't
  151. Break up and too late realizations
  152. What I've Learned Do they Still Dream About Me?
  153. Help Dumped
  154. Need some advice.Ex contacting after a month of NC
  155. Remain Friend After A Breakup ?
  156. Why would she even tell me she loves me?
  157. I still miss her despite all of this.
  158. Help Break Up - No Contact Rule
  159. Question re: NC Rule
  160. Help Why is he doing this?
  161. Help!
  162. Seeking Advice On This Peculiar Breakup - WARNING - It's Super Long!
  163. How to cope?
  164. Help How can I get over the humiliation and find closure?
  165. Absolutely Lost and Confused. I Need a Real Miracle.
  166. Help Ending my relationship
  167. Help I'm new here and need help
  168. Confused and Humiliated after Break Up
  169. Help Miss this place... Thinking I'm gonna need to come back if anyone is still around.
  170. To be or not to be - SuperDave71
  171. Help I called it off but...
  172. Hey everyone.. I'm back!
  173. Urgent The Aftermath.
  174. ladies or anyone? please help me...im hurting here.
  175. Talking to ex but I have no feelings/interest in getting back together so...?
  176. Been away for a while, but back and in crisis!!!
  177. Ex contacting dumpee after several months of no contact.
  178. I broke up with him
  179. The Indignity of Moving On
  180. Deep Thought Your Story
  181. Question It should be easier
  182. Please Please Please Give me your Opinion as I am lost and Stuned
  183. Urgent Feelings changed within 12 hours after dating for 1 year?
  184. what the heck just happened?
  185. I Miss Him
  186. Not sure what this means??
  187. Help So confused need advice
  188. What is he playing at!?
  189. What I've Learned Don't Be that Guy/Girl: What NOT to Do After You've Been Dumped
  190. depressed
  191. Just Ended a relationship
  192. New my story on what the heck is going on
  193. My life is now a mess. GF dumped me and ran off to London.
  194. Long distance and the mess that was made
  195. Urgent Girlfriend advice
  196. Blocked after a long time of...
  197. New Pretty sure I will Need Support in Near Future
  198. Does this count
  199. How long should a break last ?
  200. Valentines-Day goodbye
  201. Separated and trying to get her back, advise please!
  202. Finally happened.
  203. Why
  204. Pretty sure I will Need Support in Near Future
  205. Broken up and is still coming to see me once a week
  206. His mom messaged me
  207. Help Soul mate broke up with me
  208. I can't take it
  209. I feel like garbage
  210. Urgent Still living and sleeping with ex..HELP
  211. Still
  212. Break up in foreign country
  213. Can't let go...
  214. Why? It's only a little while. ..