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  1. Plan B?
  2. The No Contact Challenge -SuperDave71
  3. ?
  4. So.. my story..
  5. SuperDave71's Guide to Reconciliation
  6. When You Love Someone -SuperDave71
  7. Angel Whispers - SuperDave71
  8. Cause You Don't Know Me - SuperDave71
  9. You Don't Bring Me Flowers -SuperDave71
  10. Love Is Like The Wind...
  11. When Am I Going to Start to Feel Better -SuperDave71
  12. I Remember You
  13. Love is Patient, Love is Kind - SuperDave71
  14. I Only Know That I Love You -SuperDave71
  15. The No Contact for Dummies Guide - SuperDave71
  16. How to POSSIBLY Get Your Ex back with the No Contact Rule
  17. Falling in Love with Regret - SuperDave71
  18. Interesting devlopment
  19. Neither of us can let go...
  20. Breakup Don't Always Mean It's Over - SuperDave71
  21. When Can I Contact the Person Again?
  22. Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad - SuperDave71
  23. Are You a Distancer or Pursuer? - SuperDave71
  24. Learning Not to become "Plan B" - SuperDave71
  25. But My Situation is Different - SuperDave71
  26. The Game of Tag - SuperDave71
  27. The Rubberband Effect - SuperDave71
  28. Pass the Popcorn because the Circus is about to Begin
  29. Not for the Faint at Heart -SuperDave71
  30. Steps of Reconciliation -SuperDave71
  31. When You Love Someone -SuperDave71
  32. Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired
  33. How Do I Know if No Contact Is Working -SuperDave71
  34. You Can't Make Them Love You - SuperDave71
  35. How Long Does it Take Before They Come Back
  36. Avoid the Common Mistakes -SuperDave71
  37. A Common Sense Look at No Contact
  38. i want him back!!!!
  39. Hello all and SuperDave! I need help!!
  40. Single mom..i feel broken..need help
  41. My story is almost dramatic like a lame soap opera
  42. Fear Not -A ficticious Story for the Holidays -SuperDave71
  43. Love Walks In -SuperDave71
  44. Missing You - SuperDave71
  45. Don't Take Your Love Away - SuperDave71
  46. Personal Thoughts on No Contact-SuperDave71
  47. Maybe They Will Realize - SuperDave71
  48. How EXACTLY is No Contact Supposed to Work for Me
  49. Trying NC, but hurting
  50. holidays...
  51. Need some examples
  52. RavenJem wants her man back
  53. Self-Preservation
  54. Searching for more insight
  55. What I've learned
  56. Starting No Contact today :)
  57. A Question about NC and Breakups in general
  58. My Story So Far
  59. You want your ex back? Things to avoid certain doom!
  60. Friends and Family Question
  61. Help!
  62. New Break up
  63. Why do we want our ex's back?
  64. How to avoid Facebook/Myspace?
  65. crap, what do i do
  66. I'm about to break NC
  67. Just my thoughts, thought I'd put them out there
  68. so this meeting..
  69. This feeling...
  70. Christmas
  71. Hard Day
  72. Holy Crap!
  73. Christmas Text
  74. My Story
  75. Vilift
  76. Seeing the Ex today... oh boy
  77. After 4 months NC, I'm back. My long story inside...
  78. Ouch!
  79. my meeting with the ex
  80. Don't Quit
  81. NYE text... what would you do?
  82. It's Not the Amount of Time but How You Use it that Matters
  83. No Contact Pep Talk for New Users
  84. Is it better to know?
  85. I messed up. Honesty backfired
  86. Am I on the verge of writing a success story?
  87. My ex is confusing me...again!
  88. Meeting with the ex X2
  89. F.Y.I Just a short recap of my story
  90. Two Random Thoughts
  91. Having a rough time
  92. Hmm, is this bad?
  93. Oh god, i just had a painful thought....
  94. So, SD you were right
  95. If they came back telling you...
  96. My Story - Ex Girlfriend (Long) *NEW UPDATE*
  97. blocking a number..?
  98. confused
  99. Am I on a good path or not?
  100. not one but two?
  101. How do I deal with the following...
  102. My life so far (aka My Story So Far part 2)
  103. Being the rebound
  104. Disgust?
  105. 13 days and 2 months since he took his love away...
  106. "Can I Attract my Ex Back to me?"
  107. Just a thought..
  108. Newbie with a Long Story
  109. Success stories
  110. Really down right now
  111. Peace of mind
  112. Interesting trend...
  113. my weekend.
  114. Updates...! =)
  115. I'm pretty down today
  116. Working things out?
  117. So messed up... T_T
  118. Need immediate help!!!
  119. Some Helpful advice
  120. My story (warning: Long. REALLY long !)
  121. Waking up after having the best and worst dream
  122. No Contact - Still Care for her and her son
  123. Why?
  124. Thinking.. thinking..
  125. Deep Thought Should I treat this as a Breakup in every way?
  126. grrr flipping hate this!
  127. Just something i wrote because I cant sleep
  128. No Contact for 30 Days and then...
  129. What I need to do.
  130. Update...confused
  131. a little blog of mine on myspace I thought I'd share
  132. Interesting last night..
  133. Completely lost need some guidance!
  134. Creepy
  135. She contacted me again
  136. Question Seeing the Ex Friday
  137. Not anymore
  138. Question No contact and birthdays, birthday wishes etc.
  139. My Situation...
  140. help me please!
  141. I dont get this..
  142. ;(
  143. Bummed..
  144. How to respond? (I need some advice)
  145. Help New Marriage Problems
  146. No Contact Rules.. Need Explanation
  147. Ex's bff spilled the beans...
  148. New Lost (My Story)
  149. Help I got a letter from my ex today...
  150. Update on me... (Couldn't think of a good title)
  151. Update!
  152. Too eager?
  153. No contact on a different kind of breakup?
  154. Goal Setting Challenge: During No Contact
  155. Major problem
  156. Interesting events
  157. i am lost
  158. Help Two girls broke up twice, how to get her back
  159. What a crappy night
  160. My friends, I need help
  161. So logical its wacky... plz help superdave and all
  162. F.Y.I Update...We're back together
  163. Happy Birthday
  164. How To Handle Calls From Ex
  165. Still a rebound?
  166. NC+rebound. Also kick her off myspace/facebook?
  167. Why do I feel like renewing contact?!
  168. Update...we met
  169. Sex question
  170. What I've Learned 30 Days NC - Thoughts & Observations.
  171. New Development Is it a bad idea to ask if he wants me to wait for him?
  172. Update...back together :)
  173. Hello everyone?
  174. Update guys!!
  175. A difficult situation
  176. Meeting No. 2
  177. I messed up bad I fear...
  178. finally accepting it
  179. Question about therapists after a breakup
  180. Facing the beast
  181. New I am hurting
  182. Word of warning...
  183. Just an entry of mine I wrote of my progress
  184. Are my chances ruined or even exsist...
  185. What do you think?
  186. Help New friends and change
  187. Deep Thought Life As A House
  188. Help! Very touchy spot with the EX (update)
  189. New Anatomy of failure.
  190. Question Ex contacted me; advice?
  191. What to do next...
  192. First Post Break Up Advice
  193. WTF, ex's car in my work's visitor parking lot?!
  194. should i send b/day text
  195. Question
  196. but
  197. Day One of NC for me!
  198. WTF Pseudo email
  199. How to prepare for the interaction with the EX
  200. Saturday night with an ex. Please advise!!
  201. So confused...please help
  202. F.Y.I Why you are feeling like you do and how to stop it.
  203. I broke NC 5 days--she demanded I call her...
  204. F.Y.I Why you are feeling like you do and how to stop it. Part II
  205. She Just texted me ..what do I do??
  206. I messed up!
  207. Mr Iraqi asking about me
  208. New friends and change, part 2
  209. Just an update
  210. she texted me after over a month of no contact
  211. A tuff situation
  212. Help Me Plan My Next Move
  213. Interesting situation, need some feedback please guys
  214. Just wanted to say hello...
  215. 30th day of NC...
  216. I Need Advice
  217. My story
  218. are they bad people?
  219. New My Story
  220. Warrior, rare guest :-)
  221. had contact, do I go back to NC?
  222. Greener Grass
  223. How do you start NC?
  224. Advice on how to proceed after NC?
  225. Hello. Its been a week.....
  226. Broke NC after 30 Days
  227. I'm 23 Days NC
  228. Question About N.C. First the tale then the question about NC
  229. I'm so frustrated with me
  230. Damn confused again
  231. Wish me luck
  232. Ex and his rebound? Need advice..
  233. My daughter wants to see him and I've blown it again!
  234. Should I help her? Need some advice.
  235. 2 months NC, now I need advice.
  236. Really need advice! Ex and I were in contact after 4 months NC! What now!?
  237. happy holidays
  238. Cant decide between old love and new man!!
  239. What I've Learned Realistic Ways of Thinking How to Get back Together With Your Ex
  240. my story
  241. Rebound Relationships
  242. What does `conscious loving` stand for? And how can it help to get back together?
  243. This is an interesting one..
  244. Numb...
  245. My Chances?
  246. Back together
  247. Complex situation (although aren't they all!)
  248. So confused about what to do with my ex
  249. (For the female members here especially) What would you advise?
  250. Help Using NC after an ambiguous "DTR" chat?