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  1. A Letter to Myself - SuperDave71
  2. F.Y.I New Forum added to theLoveLogic
  3. First letter
  4. Christmas card letter to her family
  5. If I Should Fall
  6. Life After Lisa
  7. Who's to blame?
  8. A letter to myself from future me
  9. what i REALLY want to say.
  10. You without me
  11. A song I want to sing to you
  12. Dear my beloved piece of poop
  13. I don't know you
  14. Angry rambling letter to the ex
  15. My first shoebox letter
  16. My Letter
  17. Gut v Heart
  18. Deep Thought I'm Gone
  19. I'm sorry
  20. No Regrets, Your Regrets
  21. One of the last letters I write to you
  22. The letter I never sent
  23. Sigh
  24. Can't be your friend
  25. I miss you.
  26. Just a letter
  27. Just a letter (Redux)
  28. Just a Letter (Finale)
  29. Miss your face !
  30. miss your face- Part two
  31. Poems you never Shared
  32. Letting go of you
  33. Stop haunting me..
  34. Help Please stop punishing me
  35. What I shouldn't be saying...