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  1. today has been okie dokie.

    well, i got through today without crying once. i have dinner with part of my family on monday nights, so i won't really have time to think too much while i'm there. i hope i can continue this happiness and strength throughout the night.

    nights are definitely the worst--as i've said before. i'm sick of dreaming of him and waking up in the middle of the night. my dream catcher sure is NOT doing it's job.:p

    i did look at his myspace again today...I KNOW...that is ...
  2. today sucks.

    not only do the redskins just stink, but i am used to watching or being at the games with my ex. i can't do anything without thinking of him today. i tried to stop the thoughts, but there were just so many, that it got to be overwhelming and i gave in and just let them happen. that was a bad idea because i've been down in the dumps all day long.

    it's hard to breathe today.

    i keep getting tempted to call him, but i don't even know what i'd say. the thing with him ...
  3. not as strong today at all.

    i feel so sad today.

    i just can't believe he and i are going through this again. i don't know why we can't get it right.

    it's so hard to give up on someone you love and believe in so much.

    i'm just hurting really bad today. i guess everyone needs those days.
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