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  1. What next??

    Good evening. I need some advice. I have been thinking about my current relationship and wanted to lay it out and get some feedback on the next move. I will give you the short version. To give a little back ground on my current situation. I have been seing my girlfriend for the past seven years. In the first two years, things between us were up in the air, meaning that we were not commited to each other. I was willing to commit at the time but she wasn't. We ended up breaking up because of trust ...
  2. Holiday texting????

    dated a guy for 8 months when i found out he was also seeing someone else as well. He admitted it as i was expressing confusion over his elusive behavior. I decided i didnt want to be involved in something so casual and told him i couldnt see him anymore (I was in love with him by this time)
    He wound up with the other girl by default i guess. He wanted both of us casually-but that wasnt going to pan our well for me.
    After a change of heart i decided that i WAS interested in dating ...
  3. Poem by Jill Paton-Walsh from a book I can't remember the name of...

    Things as they were, cannot stay,
    Things as they are, cannot be,
    Fading and passing away,
    The world, the ages and me.
  4. Separation

    Your absence has gone through me,
    Like thread through a needle.
    Everything I do is stitched with its color.
  5. Welcome to theLoveLogic

    Welcome to theLoveLogic Blogs.

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