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  1. Our Love

    Our love is a long distance love,
    Separated by time and space above,
    Our love is long fought,
    With hidden emotions fraught,
    Our love is of a split apart soul,
    Destined together, two parts of a whole.

    Our love has made us each give our heart,
    With each other's we know we'd never part,
    Our love has made us bare our souls,
    It released the illusions of control,
    Our love has a path that's been engraved in light,
    Forever ...
  2. Welcome to theLoveLogic

    Welcome to theLoveLogic Blogs.

  3. 17 WEEKS n/c

    Lets see, how do I feel? 3 days good 4 days lousy. At least now its not 7 days lousy. I was in the old neighborhood going to dinner with a friend and I saw the ex. Fortunately he didn't see me. I have to admit I'm glad I saw him on my way back from dinner than before. My stomach jumped and my skin flushed. I became quiet and a wave of saddness washed over me. Part of me wanted to run to him and throw my arms around him. For a few hours after I had trouble getting him off my mind. It took me ...
  4. the way I feel

    Its been a year, since she left me or contacted me, and honestly I don't expect to hear from her again but I had finally opened me eyes and analize myself, all my weaknesses and my faults, and im trying to correct and improve myself to another level that makes me happy for meand for me only, not for nobody else.It has taken me a while but every day,im picking my self up more and more, changing the way I think(learning to be more rational,positive and humble), the way I look(lost 20 lbs, since jan.2nd).and ...
  5. snow storm and time to think

    I sometimes feel I take a giant step forward and ten back. Just when I feel better and I feel almost free, I go the other way. Its snowing and I'm cozy inside but melancoly as anything. Don't get me wrong, I'm so grateful for so many things and I have always gotton lots of spiritual help. For some reason I'm havng an extremely difficult time handling this situation. I have never reacted to a breakup like this. Many many years ago I had a 6 yr relationship that went real bad. I had to dump him. ...
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