• I learned how to handle a break up.

    i know that sounds redundant! but, seriously, the thing i learned most from my break up with my bf the last go round was how to deal with it this time.

    i wish all the new guys could have seen the way i acted and read my posts the last time my ex and i broke up. i was miserable. i may have had a few strong days, but it's the opposite now--i have mostly strong days and a few bad ones.

    i know it's not even been a week since my break up, but i feel one million times better about it all than i did when we broke up the last time.

    no contact is definitely the way to go. not only are you able to salvage that pride, but you protect yourself from further pain. there are a lot of things in life that we can't control, but this is one thing we can.

    show them what it's really like to miss you.

    i've learned from the last time to take this all one day at a time. don't think about what might happen tomorrow. no one knows.

    maybe your ex will realize they've made the biggest mistake of their lives, maybe they won't. either way, EITHER WAY, it is your responsibility to get on with your wonderful life and to get on with it as soon as possible.
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      Caz26 -
      You're very right :-)
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