• What a difference a year makes

    Those of you who may know my story, would you believe it's been over a year since my breakup??!?! The strange thing is, the year mark came and went and I didn't even realise until a couple of days ago!

    I never believed I would even survive for a few minutes without her, let alone an entire year! How am I? Well, actually I'm pretty damn good! Do I miss her? Nope. Do I want her? Nope. Do I think of her? Occasionally, but only in an angry-at-myself-for-being-so-pathetic way. Her bloody loss! Her new boyfriend (she lives with him) works at my place and now it just makes me laugh. As much as I know it probably isn't a good thing to pick fault in other people and feel smug but (lol),... he has put on so much weight and just looks all bloated and flabby, whereas I have been working out solidly for months and am delighted to say I am even now the proud owner of a six pack so PAH to her and her fat ass bf lol. Sorry, that really isn't like me, but it certainly makes me feel good to know how far I have come.

    I never did speak to her again or had any contact whatsoever since our final enlightening (yet devastating) conversation back last November. No contact was an absolute life saver for me.

    Anyway, no real reason for this post other than to highlight that regardless of how much pain you may be feeling now, it DOES get better. You WILL get through your heartache, but you must change that focus else you'll spend far too long hoping, wondering and in turmoil over her/him.

    For those of you who don't know my story, just know that I honestly never thought I would breathe again or ever feel even remotely human after losing her. I thought she was the love of my life and we would be together forever. Sound familiar? Please take comfort and take care of YOU first.
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