• 7 Days of Long Distance Relationship Romance

    By: Jennifer Good

    The act of loving your long distance partner isn't the challenge in a long distance relationship. It's the showing of that affection that can present problems. Not only do you have to deal with typical relationship issues such as busy schedules, money issues and any disagreements, but you have to do it without any physical contact. This can make "being romantic" a bit difficult, as sharing a kiss or a soft touch just isn't possible.

    To help overcome this problem, here's a list of seven days of romantic gestures you can do for your long distance love. Every idea is affordable, but some may take a little more time than others. Adapt the ideas and make them your own if necessary. When your seven days are up, your partner will have no doubt of how you feel, and you'll be creating a memory your partner will talk about for quite some time afterward.

    Day One: Love You Pillow
    Personalized pillows are one of my favorite long distance gift ideas. They can be romantic, funny or even sensual, allowing you some great personal creativity. In fact, you can even use iron-ons to give your partner a nightly reminder of you as Jennifer, an LYC reader suggests. "For a long distance gift, I made him a pillow and ironed-on a picture of us together sleeping on one side. On the other side I wrote with a fabric marker
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