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    Have you ever looked back after a break and realized something about your situation or relationship that you didn
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    1. SuperDave71's Avatar
      SuperDave71 -
      Another bump for the newbies and guests alike.

      Thanks Guys!

    1. LaurenJoy's Avatar
      LaurenJoy -
      The need to love yourself before you can truly love someone else is a hard concept but important nonetheless. If you give all of yourself to someone (core) then you are left empty when they leave you. I agree with never giving your core to someone.

      Thank you,

    1. SuperDave71's Avatar
      SuperDave71 -
      You are most welcome Lauren and welcome to theLoveLogic.com

      Great to have you with.

    1. niks's Avatar
      niks -
      great post Dave , just what I needed to hear tonight and I stumbled upon it by accident
    1. The Joker's Avatar
      The Joker -
      very good post and inspiring. might be just what i need to get through these hard times and move on..
    1. need2heal's Avatar
      need2heal -
      This post is exactly the way I have felt the past few days. It's encouraging to read the words over and over.

    1. SuperDave71's Avatar
      SuperDave71 -
      Thank you all.

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