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Hi to everyone

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I was with my ex boyfriend for 14 months and he broke up with me beginning of October. I thought i was getting better but today I've cried a flood of tears again.

We had been in contact on and off since breaking up but that made me feel worse so i've stopped all contact since last week.

He was my soul mate and he said so too! We only broke up because of a little distance (one hour's drive). I think maybe he also wanted a child as he didnt have any children and i have three so I really didnt want anymore. I think the main thing though was the distance but it wasn't so bad. He told me he still loved me when we broke up which made things much worse for me.

I feel lost still and the pain has not gone but i think not having any contact will help as time passes.

I'm working right now and crying and everyone can see me!! Gosh this sucks!! Sometimes i wish i could just disappear.

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