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Thread: I just had a realization!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Exclamation I just had a realization!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have just realized today...that I'm fallin fo my BEST FRIEND!....and da thing is...dat I told my other friend jus now when we were drivin in her car..I jus turned and said "I think there's a strong possibility dat I may like Priscilla"....and she was like "OoOoOo I knew it! u've always liked her u jus hadn't realized it!" and I was like waaaat? wat do mean? and so she was tellin me all these things like for instance...I don't do mornings..ok I don't wake up till late..but when she wants to hang out early I would wake up to chill wit her..and then all da lil things I do for her..'mind u, I do everything her boyfriend doesn't do for her, like doin somethin as simple as gettin her hot sauce..lemme tell u bout dis

    Today after church we went to play baseball and well she was real hungry and was gettin a headache and so she asked fo ma friends car keys so she could go rest her head..her boyfriend didn't even walk her over or anythin [which wasn't really a big deal] so then we finished da game and we went to Wendy's. So she sat nxt to me [isn't a surprise we always wanna sit nxt to each other] So we're there and her boyfriend is sittin on da otha side nxt to her, so she's btw us. So then she turns to me, didn't even turn to her boyfriend and asked if I could get her hot sauce, so me bein funny and stupid leaned over and I looked at her boyfriend and said to her "Well...ur boyfriend's rite there y can't he get it?" and she's like "o he isn't gonna get it for me" and so she turns to ask him if he would and he jus sat there eatin his fries and shook his I got up and got it and u kno she jus all like "aww thanx so sweet" and I was a lil upset cause its like wow man u really cant do somethin as simple as gettin her hot sauce? and soo, later, she's talkin to me da entire time her boyfriend's jus there eatin and u would think she would ask him if HE wanted da rest of her, she turns rite to me and asks me [not a huge deal either but u kno] SO then we leave wendy and I'm da one gettin da door for her, and da car door for her and her boyfriend is jus there...O and durin baseball he hit her idk wit wat but like jus playin round I guess but he hurt her and he jus laughed and she got mad cause it really hurt her and he didn't even say sorry or ask if she was ok he jus kept laughin..and of course I was there makin sure she was ok....and yea..then after droppin her off home..It hit me...I like yea...idk wat to do...I'm not gonna do anythin but honestly, if u guys saw us, u'd swear we were datin and they were jus friends..we're ALWAYS flirtin wit each other and dats not me sayin dat, dats wat ma friend told

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    since she has a bf, i would respect her current relationship and maintain your friendship. when she's single again, which sounds like may be sooner rather than later, then you can think about pursuing this.

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