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Thread: Yes. Actions speak so much louder then words and I have a wonderful boyfriend. :D

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    Default Yes. Actions speak so much louder then words and I have a wonderful boyfriend. :D

    Hey everyone,

    I've been kinda busy lately so I haven't had much time to give updates and give advice and such like I used to. But I want you all to know that I'm reading everything and you all have my love and support, forever and always. I also wanted to update on my wonderful new relationship. I figured it would be nice to mention a relationship going good (and hopefully staying that way) every once in a while.

    I've been going out with Nathan almost two weeks now and we've been friends for a bit before that. We met through a friend of my mom's who had some meeting thing that he happened to invite both of us to. Ever since then I guess he told my mom's friend that he liked me or was asking about me and then he quickly became friends with me and my mom. He's really sweet and helps out my mom with the yard and just anything.

    I haven't been able to drive my car since April when it broke down because I've had to go through this difficult process of getting a whole new engine. LOL. Insane, I know. On top of that, my mom's ex tried to screw us over. He scrapped my old engine for money to go towards paying for the newer one and he scrapped some parts that were needed in order to switch over to my new engine because I have a 98 and the newer engine is a 2,000 so a few parts need switched around. It's almost all the way ready to be put in by my bf but we're waiting on one part and a tool that hopefully his friend has to us to get it out because the tool costs a lot of money to rent. Bleh. And my mom's ex tried to go to the place that sold me the new engine to get the money back a couple weeks ago because it was paid for in cash and he thought he could get away with taking the money to say that he found another engine when really he was trying to get it so he could buy drugs. Ridiculous!! Good news is that once I finally get that part I can drive again. So hopefully the guy at the car place will find it for us soon. Anyways...

    I can't believe how amazing these past couple weeks have been. I hang with my boyfriend just about everyday. When he can he drives me to work on the weekends when I have to get up really early and am tired. This past monday his brother and brother's wife were going to Kings Island and invited us to go along so we had an awesome day riding roller coasters. We take turns making each other meals. LOL. When he's at my place I make him food and when I'm at his he makes me breakfast, lunch, dinner...whatever. We made a cake together yesterday! LOL. He's so silly, he even brushed my hair. Sometimes we'll pick on each other and pretend to be mad at each other and stuff.

    The day before yesterday his best friend's wife had baby twins so we went to the hospital to visit. They were born premature, a boy and a girl. The boy has some breathing problems right now because there are fluid in his lungs so the doctors had him on oxygen or something. They were worried about him but we think he's going to be okay. My bf was a premature twin when he was born too. Oh yeah, but the girl, I got to hold her. She's so pretty! One of the nurses said she was a doll baby. lol

    I like his friends and family a lot. They are all really nice and his brothers and cousin goof around all the time. His friends and family are kind of into some bad stuff. Actually a lot of them do drugs but he doesn't do drugs or smoke. Actually, we have the same thing in common that we cannot stand cigarette smoke. It's disgusting.

    He's looking for a job right now because he got laid off a while back and has had a rough 2 years because his girlfriend died almost 2 years ago the day after he proposed to her and I'm his first relationship since. But I've been taking him around places to apply everywhere he can. He wants to fill out atleast 10 applications each week til he gets a job to get his life back together. I'm glad he's not the type that says he wants a job but continues to do nothing... nope, he really is motivated and trying and has been great about filling out the applications and is happy that he has me to help push him on that. He's going to be going back to school too.

    Yesterday my mom's friend had a job for him to clean an apartment for some money. We went over there and I decided that I wanted to help out too so him and I worked on the apartment together. It's fun. When we're together we're like a team. Haha. I feel like I'm sickening you all going on and on about him but he seriously is the most amazing boyfriend I could ever ask for. I've never been treated this well, with so much respect and practically feel like a princess. LOL. Plus, even though I don't think I'm all that he tells me I'm beautiful every day!

    I really love that he tells all his friends and family about me. We have some pics from Kings Island and he'll always ask if I can show his family members the pics we took. LOL. And he always tells people on the phone what he's up to. He has 2 daughters that I haven't met yet because their mom changed her number and hadn't called him in 5 weeks so he had no clue how to get ahold of her but she called for the first time in 5 weeks yesterday and he even tells here everything. So I think it's sweet that he's so happy to share everything like that. It's just so different from what I'm used to. Heh.

    Hey.. this very well could be the "honeymoon stage" but if it is I don't care. I really do feel in love with him and I can tell he loves me too. Talk about "actions speak louder then words". They really really do. I'm soooooo in love.

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    So thrilled for you!!!!!!!

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    suzie q

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    this is exciting! so happy for you

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    Actions speak louder than words 110%!!! Really glad for you Jess. Love how happy you are these days

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    I am happy for you too! I wish you both the best.

    Keep us updated


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    Happy for ya, Jess! I hope he continues to be good to you. Otherwise...he's going to have some "issues," if you know what I mean...

    *pounds fist into hand*

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    Wow... so I wrote all that two weeks ago?! It feels so much longer then that because I've had such an eventful month. Just thought I'd stop by with a little update and some pictures!

    Let's see... he's still looking for a job so we've been going out getting applications every week, keeping up on the goal he set of 10 applications per week. I wish more jobs were available because he really does love to work. He's still helping around the house when he visits and still makes me food when I visit him. Haha. We're also signing him up to go back to school because he wants to get a 2 year degree in Auto Technology. So I'm helping him study for his placement tests since he hasn't been to school in quite a few years. We're also going to a cool 20's group at my church each week. Trying to get back involved in church and meet new friends and stuff.

    Oh, and at the end of July, I told him that we are taking a free weekly relationship class so he said okay to that. Yay. For the most part we get along but still I want a class for us so that we can learn more together.

    Yesterday, I got to meet his kids for the first time. Their mom finally let him have them for the 4th of July weekend. His daughters are 4 and 5 years old and they are sooooooooo cute! I'll post some pics below. We had a ton of fun yesterday. We went with them to the park, my mom picked all of us up and we all went shopping at Wal-mart and got them some new bathing suits and shoes! They spent the night at my house and we played games, had dinner, watched Shrek 2... LOL. Fun times. They're all going with my mom to a parade today while I'm at work and then possibly tonight my family and my bf and his daughters will go watch some fireworks!

    I'm having a really fun summer. Enjoying every minute of it. Then on Monday, I get a little vacation/break from the boyfriend... because I'll be visiting my friend up in Cleveland for a whole week. Her and I plan to go to Dave & Busters, the Renn Fair, Cedar Point... etc.


    Nathan & Dora @ Kings Island

    Me & Hey Arnold @ Kings Island

    Nathan & I @ Kings Island

    Grrr... and my internet is being crappy and not uploading my other photos, so I will edit this with more pics later.

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    Thanks for the update Jess, and really great to "meet" Nathan.

    Hope he finds a job soon. He sounds like a really nice guy.
    Wish you all the best together.

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    Thanks... Well, yesterday I got surprised with some news from him about a possible job he might get but there is a catch and I do not have a very good feeling about this "catch" at all. I'm going to explain it in a different post though. Just kind of sucks that I was having a great day yesterday and all excited to have a great evening until I found out about this idea and I can't get my mind off of it. Anywho... I wanted to post back here because I was able to get the pictures of the kids that I took over the weekend uploaded!

    Ashlynn climbing a tree at the park!

    Ashlynn and Jazmyn picking Sunflowers.

    Nathan, Ashlynn, and Jazmyn @ the store getting new bathing suits and new shoes. And Daddy going "Help me!"
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