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    Default Count your blessings

    Through the years I have found that whenever I had problems in my life (and believe me, I had my share) it always helped me to count my blessings.

    We go through live taking everything arround us for granted and forget to appreciate what we have.

    Simple things like having a roof over your head, having 3 (or more) good meals a day, being able to sleep in a warm soft bed, having the luxery of cold and hot water that comes from a faucet by the twist of the knob, TV, computer, refrigarator etc. The list goes on and on.

    Have you ever seen the immages on tv that show thousand's of people that have none of that. Did it ever sink in that they are not just immages, they are real people. People that eat rat's to survive, that live in cardboard boxes, have no plumming and don't know what to feed their screaming baby...

    Have you ever been in the home of a poor person. I have (many times) and it always made me appreciate what I had.

    Even having a broken heart makes me appriciate what I had.
    At least I loved some one and someone loved me once and it was great. It even happened to me twice

    There are hundreds of people out there that will never experience that. Not even once.
    Think of the mentaly ill, the severely handycapped, the severely overweight, people with severe skin desease and other people that for some reason don't get accepted. They have the same feelings, the same needs, don't make the mistake in thinking they don't.

    There will allways be people that have so much bigger problems than you, so stop complaining and be thankfull for everything you have.

    I have reached a point in my life where I wouln't mind if I never found a new man. I have everything I want allready. I was married once, I have met real love twice, I have two great kids, I have a house, a car, loving family, enough money to buy what I need, we are all healty, I have all the luxery a person can wish for....the list goes on and on. So what if that person I loved is not in my life anymore... I will survive. It feels painfull now, but It will get better in time. I know, because I'm not the first person this has happened to and the others are still going on with their life, So I can do it too. I do get lonely sometimes, and I do get the urge sometimes but most off the time I feel perfectly fine.

    So, if you think YOU have problems... Think again.
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    You speak the truth my friend very well spoken...

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    Great post! It's true, we should all count our blessings because we often take a lot of things for granted. We are so lucky just to be here and alive and have a roof over our head.

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    And another thing we all take for granted is that we have our "freedom".

    Something none of us should take for granted...BTW Josh, we all have a debt of gratitude we owe to you...if it were not for you and all the other soldiers we would not continue enjoying those freedoms and or liberties...

    So for you my friend... A very sincere THANK YOU!



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