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    I just thought I'd add some suggestion for people in a relationship or want to be in one in the future on a good way to keep romance fresh and lead the relationship in the right direction with opportunity for growth and change.

    My boyfriend and I are taking a relationship class. I've been blessed with an amazing boyfriend that actually WANTS to participate in something like this. Of course I suggested it (being a girl and interested in psychology and relationships and all) but he agreed to take it with me and on the first week he THANKED me for signing him up in the class. LOL.

    This is the second week of our class and we talked about strengths and weaknesses and communicating. This week was all about the foundation of marriage and stuff like that and warning signs of difficult partners. Anyway, towards the end of the class they had everyone go around and say one good thing to their partner and they started with me and my boyfriend and we both couldn't really think off the top of our head since we were the first people chosen so we just said stuff like caring and helpful. But then last night before I went to sleep while I was over at my boyfriend's he was like, "Well, I didn't have time to think before of what I wanted to say but I really appreciate that you are there for me and helping me...etc etc." So we had a nice little chat back and forth about what we both appreciate about each other. It was really sweet and amazed me that HE just brought it all up on his own. I felt really good that we had that conversation and to be in a relationship that is working towards something healthy instead of not taking time to say the good things and taking each other for granted.

    So my point here is that taking a relationship class or something else positive for growth in your relationship or within any relationship is a smart idea and I garuntee it will improve your outlook on yourself and the relationships around you. There is one person who is single in the class just taking it for herself, a lot of married couples, a couple non-married couples, and some people that are married that go without their partner in hopes of working on their marriage. So relationship classes are good for anyone and everyone! I really wish they had these types of classes in school from when we are little kids on up because it's so important in life. I mean, we're all here and communicating with everyone as it is... we're surrounded by relationships every since we are born so we not get the knowledge we need to grow and change.

    Maybe that's why a lot of people today fear change? Hmm. Change doesn't have to be bad. It can be very good and in order for us to grow and enjoy life we need change. In order to keep romance alive we need to give effort, be self aware, and allow ourselves to grow and change.

    I might type up some stuff from our class sometime. We have a book that I can type up some of the stuff and give credit to.

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    how did the class end up going??

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    Ah, sorry I forgot about posting this. The class has been going great. There's a few more weeks left in it. It's a 17 week class. It really helps a lot. Even if you forget about some stuff and fall into old habits.. each week is a good reminder to work on those things and each week we get a little homework assignment or in class we end up writing down something that is positive about our partner or something we can do for them or they can do for us. So it's a really awesome class. I love it. At some point when I have some time I'm going to try to gather up some info and main points that were covered so I can share more detail.

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