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Thread: Miss your face !

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    Default Miss your face !

    I miss your face. I miss everything about you. I wonder if you feel the same way for me. You have told me that you miss me and love me but as much as I want to believe you I really dont trust a word that comes out of your mouth. Your actions have spoken louder than yours words could ever have. You have made this sooo difficult for me playing games with me for over a year now. Wasting my time, time that I can never get back. I guess I really can only blame myself.. Whats the saying fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me.. And let me tell you have fooled me time and time again. I know you are only 22 and you want to party and experience different things but there is no need to drag me through this.. How come I have the feeling that you are going say the same thing when you turn 23 ,24 and so on and so on.. And You are the one that brings up marriage and raising a family with me..

    Sometimes you have to grow up and quit using excuses for yourself. You really have no responsibilies and in truth you are just plain lazy sometimes. Its like I have put you on this pedistal like your some type of goddess. Its only recentely that I had to check myself take a step back and realize what you really are... I love you more than you could ever know. I was you would wake up and see that and change. But you are the only one who can change you. Maybe you will never change and if that is true I feel really sorry for you. I know that I cant be friends with you there is just way to much history for that to be possible for right now.

    I realize that its not any of my business by why would you be with someone that is abusive to you. I truly do not understand that at all. Maybe you need to talk to someone. I know you had a messed up childhood and went through somethings that I cant even imagine.

    I know Im not the best man in the world but I know im the best one for you.

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    Very powerful, and something most of us can relate to. I know i felt like this just over a year ago!

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    sorry about your situation. It hurts so much when you love someone and all they do is toy with you. n/c is the way to go. you already know that in your heart. You need to say it, write it as you've done, then do it. You will be surprised how the distance will help clear your head and think clearly maybe for the first time. You said it,he won't change, most people don't. He also needs to understand what he let go. This too shall pass. I'm here for you.

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