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Thread: miss your face- Part two

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    Default miss your face- Part two

    Hey Girl

    I guess its been over a month since I last spoke or seen you. I know you have tried to reach out to my a few times and I have ignored you. I do not want to play games with you. Im not really sure what you want from anymore. This is the longest we have gone without speaking or seeing each other. It has been so hard but I think it is the best for the both of us. I do miss you everyday!!! Think about you and hope you are doing well. I dont know if you realize how important you are to me. Im not trying to play the victim anymore I realized after we broke up I put myself through most of the hell I have been enduring. I do hold out hope that one day we can be back together. I think you know in your heart that WE make sense togehter. Im trying to look toward the future set some goals and be truly happy again. I Know we both made some mistake but I want to keep the past in the past and move forward.. Thats all that matters to me. I hope you choose to come back to me because you still have my heart!

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    Nice to know that you still in love with her. Yet, I think she won't be with you if you don't go and tell how much you love her.

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