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Thread: 1000 Questions Before You Get Married

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    Default 1000 Questions Before You Get Married

    This survey of questions was posted by an older member of the forum before the forum crash. I just happened to save it onto my computer a while back because I found it interesting and might use it one day. Figured it would do some good to add it back to the forum.

    1000 Questions

    Do you find that sex often controls you instead of you controlling sex?

    Would you want your mate to let you know if you haven't sexually satisfied them?

    How would you want them to tell you?

    Do you think books are a good resource for learning new sex techniques?

    If you plan on abstaining from sex until marriage, what sort of physical contact is acceptable? (holding hands, kissing, prolonged kissing, petting, etc.)

    What turns you off sexually?

    Is it possible for a couple to have sex too often?

    What problems could it cause?

    How does foreplay enhance your sexual experience?

    What sort of sexual things do you discuss with your friends?

    How do you feel about anal sex?

    Do you feel it is unnatural and/or unhealthy or do you feel it is a legitimate alternative to vaginal intercourse?

    Is there anything sexually you find wrong, offensive or distasteful?

    Do you usually feel that when we are making love that I am just doing it to make you happy?

    Do you consider these sexual experiences to be acceptable and healthy for your relationship or inappropriate and damaging to your relationship:
    Oral sex?
    Sex toys?
    Threesomes, wife-swapping or orgies?

    Do you think it is appropriate to use sex as a negotiating tool?

    Is it ever healthy for a husband/wife to withhold sex from their mate?

    Would you like to take showers together on a regular basis, only every once in a while or do you prefer to take them alone?

    How do you feel about women putting on makeup to make love?

    Do you find it sexy or silly?

    Do you feel sexier with a tan?

    Do you think your mate looks sexier?

    Do you think tan, "leathery" skin is sexy?

    How would you feel if your mate lit up a cigarette right after sex?

    Do you prefer your mate to make the first move or do you like to do it? What's the biggest turn on for you?

    Do you think you and your mate could or should have sex even though you are currently mad at each other?

    Have you ever had sex with someone else without a condom?

    Are there any forms of birth control you will not use?

    What are the three most sensitive areas of your body?

    Do you think it is damaging to your relationship to role-play while having sex?

    Is it just acting out lustful fantasies?

    Would you be willing to get your tubes tied or have a vasectomy? What do you think are the purposes of sex?

    Do you think answering questions about sex will help make it a better experience for us?

    What do you think is the optimum time in general for the best lovemaking?

    Did your parents ever discuss their views on sex with you? Would you ever have sex in exchange for money?

    For example, would you have sex for $100,000?

    What is the minimum amount it would take?

    How has your sexuality changed over the years?

    What sexual activity have you never before done but would like to try?

    For you, do condoms significantly reduce the enjoyment of sex?

    Do they help prevent premature ejaculation?

    Do you feel you know a lot about sex from experience or that you have a lot to learn?

    Do you think you would enjoy phone sex with your spouse if you were apart?

    How do you think sex changes as a couple grows older together?

    What changes do you think take place after having children?

    In sex, do you believe that if it feels good that it must be ok to do?

    What places do you fantasize about having sex at?

    How could our sex life become even better?

    Would you prefer more "quickies" or more drawn out sex?

    Would our sex life be more fun if we acted out fantasies, had sex in various places or tried different positions? If so, how should we plan to incorporate those changes?

    If your partner had a different last name than yours, whose last name should be given to the child?

    If your child was born with a birth defect that required around the clock attention would you take care of the child yourself or let it live in a professional home for children with such disabilities?

    What do you think makes the difference between a good parent and a great parent?

    Do you believe you need to be married and have children to be "whole"? If you knew with 100% certainty that having children would decrease your marital satisfaction by 30%, would you still want children?

    Do you think you want any (more) children?

    How soon?

    Do you think parents should foot the bill for their children's college expenses or do you think children actually appreciate and learn more when they have to pay all or a significant part themselves?

    How many children do you think you would like to have?

    Do you plan on rearing your children close to how you were reared, very differently or a mixture?

    What would you want to teach your children about fist fighting?

    How much time each day do you think you should spend with your children?

    How would you want to decide on what gifts to purchase for your children?

    In what areas do you think parents should sacrifice for their children and which areas should they not?

    If you and your spouse worked, who would take care of any children you had?

    Do you think parents have the right to return (to the store) or give away gifts given to their young children that they feel are inappropriate or junk?

    What are reasons a couple should have children?

    What are reasons they should not?

    At what age do you think you would be too old to have children to really enjoy them?

    What are your child-support/custody arrangements with your ex?

    Do you believe in tough love - letting children suffer consequences from their repeated mistakes?

    Have you ever abused or molested a child (or been accused of it)?

    If so, what steps should we take to make sure it doesn't happen again?

    If you and your spouse have disagreements about child rearing, what methods do you use?

    Would you let your teenager drink alcohol, smoke or do drugs?

    If not, how would you try to keep him or her from doing so?

    Do you believe children should be seen and not heard?

    Why or why not?

    If the doctors detected that your unborn child had a severe birth defect and they could easily abort it, would you still have the baby?

    Do you think parents should provide cars for their teenagers if they are financially able?

    Would you allow your teenager to buy his or her own car if he or she had the funds?

    Are you interested in an offbeat wedding (at a nudist beach, underwater, on a roller coaster, etc.)?

    What are the pros for eloping? What are the cons?

    Does it sound appealing to you?

    Who will pay for your wedding?

    Does that person then have control over wedding plans?

    If your sweetheart had a bachelor or bachelorette party is there anything you would find inappropriate?

    Would you agree not to allow anything to occur at your party that your mate feels inappropriate?

    How do you feel about your mate showing up at your wedding drunk or with a hangover?

    How do you feel about him or her getting drunk at the wedding?

    How many of your friends and family would you want to invite (and expect to show up) to your wedding?

    Do you belong to a culture that has certain expectations regarding weddings and receptions?

    What sort of wedding do you envision having?

    For what reasons would you have a completely different type of wedding or even elope?

    Would you feel awkward if your partner invited former spouses or lovers to the wedding?

    Who do you think will officiate at your wedding?

    Do you care?

    Do you have any preferences regarding the honeymoon? (hot, cold, not Las Vegas, a surprise, not a surprise, etc.)?

    Do you think a woman should take a man last's name?

    Why or why not?

    How about hyphenated last names?

    Would the man consider a hyphenated last name too?

    Do you have a vision of a perfect honeymoon (or second honeymoon)?

    Are you a virgin? If so, do you plan on staying one until you are married?

    How do you feel about having sex during the woman's menstrual period?

    What is the difference between sex and romance?

    When you are in a hotel with thin walls and a squeaky bed, are you able to make love?

    Can you do it at your friend's house or your parent's house?

    What would you do if the man has difficulty with premature ejaculation?

    Do you have a preference between sex in the morning or at night?

    How should we decide what position to use each time we make love? (Take turns choosing? Rotate through our favorites? Try out a new one each week? etc.)

    Are there times when you just want a "quickie"?

    When are those?

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    Do you like to talk dirty during sex?

    Do you like it when your spouse talks dirty to you?

    Are there "dirty" terms that you find offensive?

    How do you think it would affect the relationship if a woman often cannot reach climax?

    If it was a problem how would you try to solve it?

    Do you think it is important that a couple have sex the first night they are married?

    If it has been a long and tiring day, would that make any difference?

    Do you think that one should mainly focus on pleasing themselves during sex or pleasing their partner? Why?

    What do I do that gives you the most sexual pleasure? Do you think it is wise to go to counseling for sexual problems?

    If not, how would you want to try to work out the problems?

    Do you believe that when a couple has sex for the first time, that some sort of commitment is taking place? If so, what?

    Given your current sex drive, how often would you like to have sex with your spouse?

    Do you have a favorite foreplay activity to turn you on?

    Do you like to cuddle after sex? Is there anything that you know of that works as an aphrodisiac for you?

    Is it difficult for you to ask your mate for certain kinds of stimulation? Does a person's sexual past matter if you really love them?

    Do you think that you might have a difficult time having a passionate sex life because of a previous sexual experience or because of what you were taught about sex growing up?

    Would you like to have sex outdoors?

    Would you do it if your partner wanted to?

    Are there any songs that make you think of making love?

    How would you define satisfying sex?

    Have you ever been photographed or videotaped naked?

    How do you feel when I tell you I'm not in the mood for sex when you request it?

    If I felt that we needed to go to a sex therapist, would you go with me?

    On a scale of 1-10, how strong is your sex drive? Is it increasing or is it diminishing?

    Do you have any sexual fetishes?

    Are there certain times of the month that your breasts are sensitive or that you don't like to be touched?

    What kind of clothing do you find sexy?

    What sort of lingerie/underwear would you find most sexy on me for a special night?

    Do you have any concerns about having sex during pregnancy?

    What method of birth control do you prefer? Why?

    Would you get tested for sexually transmitted diseases if I asked you?

    Do you like to be visually stimulated during the course of making love?

    What would you do if your partner found out he or she had an STD after you had been together?

    What body parts turn you on the most?

    Would you want to do a sexual act even if your spouse thought it was very unappealing?

    Do you generally prefer sex to be very active and hot or gentle and warm?

    Have you ever slept with a person you now know has a sexually transmitted disease (about 1 in 5 adults have some sort of STD)?

    Have you ever been tested for a STD and what was the outcome?

    If you are infected, how has it affected your relationships?

    Some people think breast and penis size matter when it comes to really good sex. What are your thoughts and/or experiences?

    Do you feel self-stimulation is wrong or only when it is accompanied by sexual thoughts of someone besides your mate?

    Do you think masturbation is an acceptable form of sexual release when your mate isn't in the mood or available?

    Have you ever been or gotten someone pregnant?

    If you were in an accident and couldn't perform sexually, do you think your lover would be able to cope with that?

    If a man has problems maintaining an erection on a regular basis, what would you try to do?

    Do you have a favorite sex position?

    Why is it your favorite?

    Do you have a preference of making love in the dark, by candlelight or with the lights on?

    Who would you feel most comfortable talking with regarding sexual problems?

    Do you think they are qualified to give you good help and advice?

    If you are in the mood for sex and your mate is not, would you rather your mate say "not now" or "I don't think I can climax, but I'd gladly help you get off."

    Would you ever want to take him or her up on it? Have you ever watched a porno movie?

    If so, how often do you watch them?

    How often do you look at erotic magazines?

    If you were ever to become addicted to pornography, how would you like me to help you break the habit?

    Are there things that I say or do that lets you know I would like to make love?

    There are many romantic/sex games on the market.

    Do you think it would be fun to try some out? Have you ever had a one-night stand?

    How did that happen?

    Do you regret it?

    Are there any scents that turn you on?

    How would our sexual relationship change if I put on a significant amount of weight?

    Do you think our lovemaking should increase when we go on vacation?

    Do you think sex is overrated?

    Do you think you could be sexually addicted?

    Have you ever hit someone in a previous relationship?

    Would it bother you if I maintained a friendly relationship with my ex, especially for sake of the kids?

    At what point would you become concerned?

    In a past relationship, did you ever play games? How so?

    If you were married when you died, would you want your mate to feel completely free to marry again?

    How long do you think he or she should wait before dating again?

    How do you usually feel when you are with me for an entire day?

    What makes you think you will be a great husband or wife?

    Do we have any unresolved disagreements between us?

    How much of your current single life do you want to maintain after you are married?

    How long do you think most people can "be on their best behavior" and hide their real selves during a courtship?

    If your spouse was having serious doubts about themselves or the marriage and wanted to be separated for six months to think things over, would you agree and personally live as though you still married or would that signal to you that you are free to date again?

    In your successful relationships, are the people a lot like you or are they more like opposites?

    Have you ever been in a relationship that you wish you never had?

    What do you need from a partner to feel completely fulfilled?

    Has that changed over the years?

    Do the needs of your relationship eclipse your personal needs very often?

    When and how do you deal with it?

    Has anyone ever done something to you that you have never forgiven?

    What was it?

    Why haven't you been able to forgive? In what way are you and your partner "opposites"?

    Have you tended to date people older or younger than you? Why?

    Have your parents given you any warnings about dating?

    Do you trust their advice?

    What rules or standards do you set for dating? (i.e. No holding hands until you are in love, No kissing until we are talking marriage, No sex until marriage, No dating outside my religion, etc.)

    Have you ever broken your rules?

    How is the opposite sex an enigma to you?

    Have you ever had a bad breakup? Why was it bad?

    If I went to a dance or nightclub without you, how would you feel?

    What is your definition of "cheating" on your mate?

    How would you feel about your spouse opening your personal mail? Bills?

    Do you think it is healthy for couples to fight (hurting each other emotionally or physically)?

    What steps could we take to express our disagreements maturely so we can have a "fight-free" relationship?

    Is there anything in your past that you need to disclose that might have serious consequences on our relationship in the future?

    Is there any "dirt" reporters might dig up if you were running for President?

    If a teenager asked for your advice on the best way to find a mate that they could spend a lifetime of happiness with, what would you say?

    What details does your mate take care of that you know little or nothing about?

    What, if anything, do you feel you need to sacrifice or compromise in our relationship to make it happy?

    What bothered you most about your previous boyfriends/girlfriends?

    Do you consider it cheating if your partner is sharing sexual thoughts and fantasies online with others?

    What if they are engaged in cyber-sex?

    How do you know when you're in love and not simply infatuated?

    What did your previous partners complain most about you?

    If the woman in the relationship earns more money than the man how does that make you feel?

    Can you recall what made you fall in love with your sweetheart?

    What are the things that cause the most arguments in your relationships?

    Has anyone every pressured you to get married?

    Have you ever considered marrying someone because you were fearful that no one else would come along and you would rather be married than single and lonely?

    If a couple has been very unhappy for five years and has tried counseling with no success, do you think they should get a divorce even though no cheating or abuse has taken place?

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    Why do you think adultery takes place among married couples?

    What do you think you can do to help prevent it in your marriage?

    Have I ever done anything or do I do things now that cause you to mistrust me?

    Do you enjoy flirting with others?


    What signals do you think flirting gives to most people?

    If someone were flirting with you the way your mate flirts with others, what would you think were their intentions?

    Over 75% of couples that live together before getting married end up divorcing.

    Do you think you would be one of the exceptions or do think that living together before marriage probably hurts a relationship more than it helps?

    Have you ever gotten revenge on someone?

    What did they do?

    What did you do in return?

    How would you feel if your spouse raised their voice (shouted) at you?

    What do you think is the best way for couples to handle disagreements?

    From your previous experiences, when you had a fight or argument with your partner, did you first run to family or friends for advice or comfort or did first try to work things out with your partner?

    If I asked you to cut back the time you spend with people or activities and spend more time with me would you do it?

    Do you think that if a person offends your mate they have offended you as well?

    Have I ever behaved in such a way around someone that made you feel uncomfortable?

    How long was your longest relationship? Do you regret staying in it that long?

    What do you think is the best relationship advice you've ever received?

    Did the person giving it have a great marriage?

    What do you think about people who want to wait until they are married to have sex?

    Do you usually date people who have similar physical characteristics? What are they?

    What's the largest number of people you've dated at one time? Did it cause any problems?

    Do you wish your partner were more or less jealous of you?

    What in your opinion are the three best things about your lover?

    Do you feel that your lover is too needy at times?

    In all the couples you have witnessed over the years, which one seems to be most blissful?

    What about their relationship would you like to be able to have?

    If your spouse wanted to quit work to go back to school, write novels, or do something else that wasn't making any money, how long would you support him or her?

    Have you ever thought you were in love and realized that you were only infatuated or you were quite deceived?

    How long did it take for you to realize it wasn't real love?

    How could I make your life easier or more comfortable?

    What is your opinion on how I manage problems in our relationship?

    If you partner started breaking things or hitting walls because he or she lost their temper, what would you do?

    What if your partner hit or verbally abused you?

    If someone decided that they really don't see a happy long-term relationship with you, how would you want them to end it?

    If your job took you away from your mate and children for two months each year what would you do with your time?

    Do you think your marriage would be strengthened or weakened if this happened regularly?

    What is keeping me from relaxing and enjoying our relationship to the fullest?

    Do you have a feeling that your partner would like to change any of your qualities or behaviors?

    Which ones?

    In most circumstances how long do you think most couples should date (having good communication at least on a weekly basis) in order to really know each other well enough to get engaged?

    How long should an engagement period be?

    If you were single, what rules would you have about seeing people who were already involved with someone or who had just broken up?

    What about co-workers or other people you deal with on a daily basis?

    What experiences have led you to these rules?

    How long could you spend with your partner until you needed a little break and some time alone?

    What are your thoughts about telling jokes at your partner's expense?

    Currently, how much personal privacy do you desire?

    Would it bother you if your mate was in the bathroom while you were using the toilet or the shower?

    Do you find boyfriends/girlfriends easy to trust or do they have to earn your trust? In your current relationship do you feel that it is often more work than fun?

    Do you think that is a sign something might be wrong or do you think that is how all relationships are?

    At this stage in your life do you think you would prefer having children or being child-free?

    Do you think your feeling might change?

    What are your thoughts on adopting children if you were unable to have children of our own?

    Would you adopt even if you could have children?

    Would you prefer surrogate motherhood or fatherhood to adoption?

    If you had a son, would you want him to be circumcised? Why?

    Have you read any literature on the pros/cons of circumcision?

    After the birth of your child, how much time would you want to take off from work?

    Do you have strong feelings about the mom staying home with the children until a certain age?

    If you wanted to become a one-income household after the birth of your child, what lifestyle changes would need to take place?

    Do you have a preference of the sort of food you would like your children to eat? (vegetarian, organic, no sugar, etc?)

    Would you be willing to change your eating habits to match what you think your children should be eating?

    Do you have any strong preferences on naming your children?

    Do you think you could learn some important things from a parenting class?

    Would you be willing to go?

    Should we try to move to an area that has a really good school system for our children?

    Would you want your children to be home schooled? Why or why not?

    Have you given any thought to how you would want to discipline your children during early childhood, adolescent years and the teen years?
    Be specific.

    Do you think that constantly buying your children new toys teaches them to become easily bored with things?

    What rules do you have that would result in eviction of your teenagers?

    How many warnings would you give them?

    Do you regularly give financial support to your adult children?


    How would you feel if your spouse kept bailing your children out of trouble by giving them food, money or letting them live at home?

    What sort of limitations do you think you would want to place on your children regarding, television, music, magazines, Internet, etc.?

    What are the top five qualities that you hope your children will have?

    Do you think a room full of toys benefits or hinders children's physical and mental development?

    If you had children, what role would you want the stepparent to play?

    If you were a stepparent, what role would you like to play?

    How strong do you think a couple's marriage should be and how financially stable should they be before they try to have children?

    If a woman doesn't feel maternal enough to want to stay home and raise her children, is it better that she make the choice not to have children?

    At what age would you tell your children about sex if they started asking questions?

    If they weren

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    When you were a child, did you get an allowance? How much was it?

    Did you have to do chores to earn it?

    How many months of expenses do you think we should have in savings to feel secure?

    If we don't already have that much, how should we build up our savings? Do you have health insurance?

    If we were to get married, would it be better to combine the insurance under one employer?

    What problems do you see with the "my money, your money" approach to finances in a marriage?

    What is your dream car?

    Where would you have to be financially to justify the expense?

    How much do you think a person should give to a church or charity? (maybe put in terms of percentage of income)

    Do you think life insurance is a wise "investment"?

    Given that nearly 50% of marriages in the U.S. end in divorce do you think prenuptial agreements indicate lack of trust or is it acting wisely to protect what you have worked so hard for?

    What do you think would be fair terms in the agreement?

    When men and women are dating, who do you think should pay for the date?

    Whoever arranged the date?

    Whoever makes the most money?

    Always dutch?

    Some other arrangement?

    What sort of tipper are you? Always 15%? Or more or less depending on the service?

    After you are married, how much do you expect to spend on clothes each month?

    How much money do you have invested or saved (stocks, annuities, retirement funds)?

    Do you think you are good or bad at handling money?

    How could I help you improve or how could you help me improve?

    Do you think you are ever obsessed with money?

    Is making/spending money one of the most important things to you?

    Do you think about money every day?

    What are some things you have learned from me?

    Do you think it is a good idea and show maturity to be able to casually date more than one person at a time?

    At what point do you feel it is necessary to date only one person exclusively?

    Do you think you have dated/gotten to seriously know enough people to know for certain when a great match comes along?

    How many minutes of undivided attention per day do you give your lover? Is that usually enough?

    Why would you like to be married some day?

    Is there anything that you feel like telling your mom or dad but you haven't?

    Do you think it would cause more damage to you if you said it?

    If not, why haven't you told him?

    How many people have you dated that you said "I Love You" to?

    What do you think is the secret behind couples that have been happily married for over 30 years?

    Have you ever said anything to me that you wish you could take back?

    Do you have any fears of deeply loving someone?

    In order for you to trust someone, what do you need to see in him or her?

    How do you feel about your boyfriend/girlfriend showing up at your house without warning?

    What do/did you most enjoy about being single?

    What do/did you dislike the most about being single?

    If you are dating someone, at what stage do you think it is wise to bring up the idea of marriage?

    If you bring up the subject before both of you are really ready to take it to the next level, what potential problems could that cause?

    What exactly do marriage vows mean to you?

    What are legitimate grounds for divorce, if any?

    Have you ever been in a relationship where you believe one person was 100% to blame for some of its problems?

    If I were really bothered about you sharing our fights/disagreements with your friends and family would you agree not to do it?

    Or would you agree to discuss it with them only if we couldn

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    Who would you prefer to never speak to again?

    What made them so undesirable?

    As a general rule, do you always kiss on a first date?

    What signal do you think kissing is giving?

    How would you like your partner to introduce you to others? (boyfriend/girlfriend, partner, sweetheart, etc.?)

    Do you think you and your partner spend enough quality time together?

    How would you feel if I began to spend more time working on my hobbies and talents if it took time away from our relationship?

    How can I help you with your struggles?

    How do you feel about your mate greeting friends (or strangers) with a kiss?

    How do you think you can help me to become a better person?

    Is there anyone from your past that you still have strong feelings for?

    Are they still alive?

    Do you still maintain friendships with former boyfriends/girlfriends?

    If your mate were uncomfortable about any of those friendships, would you end them?

    Have you ever lived with someone you were dating?

    In what ways did it lead to your break up?

    If you were single, how do you think your life would be different?

    Have you ever been engaged? What happened?

    How important is it that a couple is friends first before they get into a love relationship?

    Do you think it is easy to build a friendship after a couple has already been lovers?

    What is the worst thing that a former boyfriend/girlfriend has ever done to you?

    What mistakes have you seen in other couples that you want to make sure doesn't happen in your marriage?

    Do you keep pictures of your past lovers?

    Would it bother you if your spouse had photos of past lovers?

    What about old boyfriends/girlfriends they were not intimate with?

    Have you ever been stalked by anyone?

    What did you do?

    What do you find most frustrating about men in general?

    What about women?

    If someone wanted to finance the startup of your business with no strings attached, what business would you start?

    In your present career, how much do you think you will be making in 5 years?

    10 years?

    If you would earn only 70% of your current wages, would you take a job that gave you 100% professional fulfillment?

    Are you content with your current job? If not, why?

    What was the best job you ever had? Why was it?

    Would it ever be OK or desirable that you or your spouse didn't work?

    If you could create the perfect job and get paid well for it, what would it be?

    Have you ever gone to your boss and asked for a raise?

    Did you threaten to quit if you didn't get it?

    Did you get it?

    How important is it to you that your mate is intelligent?

    More or less important than looks?

    Have you ever felt that a promotion has been given to someone else when you were much more deserving?

    How did you handle it?

    Do you have a role model in your profession?

    What about them do you admire?

    What to date has been your greatest source of learning?

    Do you have a real desire to (or feel that you really need to) get more education?

    What do you want to study?

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    When do you want to start?

    Did you go to college? Where? What degree(s) did you get, if any?

    Do you think your education has paid off?


    Is your current job position where you thought you'd be five years ago?

    How much time do you currently spend working?

    What hours do you work?

    Will that change when you are married and have a family to come home to?

    Do you feel like most people respect your line of work?

    Do you think you get the respect you deserve?

    How did you choose your major in college?

    How important do you think college degrees are in getting a good job?

    Does the college experience help you to be a successful person in more ways than just the book knowledge?

    When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

    How do you feel about mixing business with family?

    Business with friends?

    Do you have any experiences with either scenario?

    If your great uncle left you $100,000 in his will with the stipulation that you had to invest it for 15 years before you could touch it, what would you do with the money? Be as specific as possible.

    Have you ever saved for a major expense or purchase or have you always put it on credit?

    How often do you balance your checkbook?

    Do you get stressed out when finances are really tight?

    If I thought we needed help keeping our finances under control and suggested a “debt counselor” would you go with me?

    What is the minimum amount you think you could spend on a wedding and be happy with it?

    If you were single and quite wealthy, how would you weed out the "gold diggers"?

    Would you ever spend $100 on a bottle of wine? $300?

    Under what circumstances?

    Have you ever sued someone or been sued?

    What were the circumstances?

    How much debt do you think a couple should shoulder themselves with the first year or two of marriage given that financial problems early in a marriage is one of the leading causes of divorce?

    Do you think you could function without a credit card?

    Have you ever tried?

    What do you put on your credit cards?

    Did you complete your taxes from this previous year?

    Who did them?

    Do you always file on time?

    What sort of plans have you made for retirement?

    Do you have money invested in the stock market?

    Do you check your stocks every day?

    How often do you make trades?

    Do you think our family has the right to know your financial affairs (whether you are rich or deep in debt)?

    What would you tell them if they asked how much money you and your spouse make or how much money you have in the bank?

    Do you have the self-control to only spend each month what you can pay off?

    Or do you always carry balances on your credit cards?

    Do you think we should keep our money in joint or individual accounts? Why?

    How do we decide how to spend our money?

    Do we have free reign to spend whatever we want as long as it is "my money" or is there an amount ($100, $500, $5,000) at which we need to discuss before making a purchase?

    Do you think it is wise to lend significant amounts of money to boyfriends/girlfriends?

    Could it cloud the relationship? D

    o you think you have ever been "used" for money?

    Do you often feel that your partner doesn't respect your hard earned income by the way they spend it?

    Which of us has the best skills at paying the bills and keeping track of our expenses?

    Which of us has the best skills for investing our money?

    Do you tend to buy luxury items or are you frugal with your money?

    Look in your wallet. How many credit cards do you have?

    Do you need that many?

    Would you rather live modestly and retire modestly at 50 or would you rather live more extravagantly and retire modestly at 65?

    Have you ever gotten a second job to help pay for your non-essential purchases?

    Do you currently have a will? If not, why?

    If you got into financial difficulties, what would you try to do to get out of it?

    If you were married and inherited $200,000, how would you decide what to do with the money?

    Would your spouse have any input?

    What would you want to do if your spouse inherited the money?

    Do you think your partner mismanages their money?

    How much do you owe on all your credit cards? All other loans?

    Do our incomes cover our expenses?

    Separately, and if pooled together?

    How much do each of us spend each month/year on the following categories: housing, clothing, food, entertainment, debt payment, and miscellaneous expenses.

    Should we cut back spending in any categories to achieve our goals?

    If you married someone who had a lot of debt and bills, how would you feel about helping your mate pay them off?

    Have you ever filed for bankruptcy?

    If you and your mate's income doubled, how would you like your lifestyle to change?

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    If your parents were to give you $30,000 to spend on a wedding, would you be willing to spend only $5,000 on the wedding and put $25,000 down on a house if that was acceptable to your parents?

    Have you ever made a loan to someone of a large sum of money?

    Would you do it again? How much per month do you think we should plan on spending on our home and its upkeep?

    If we begin to make significantly more money, would you like to move into a bigger/fancier home?

    At what point would you consider yourself "rich"? Have you ever dated someone just because they had (or you thought they had) money?

    Do both you and your mate know where all the important papers are and how to pay the bills should something happen to one partner?

    How long do you think you could stay with my parents before you became unhappy or resentful?

    When you are in a serious relationship do you tend to ignore your friends?

    Have you ever had friends get married and suddenly lose contact with their single friends?

    Is that to be expected?

    Have you ever had to deal with conflict in you family?

    How did you do it?

    Have your grandparents taught you anything really important or profound? What is your parents' nationality?

    Were you raised in that culture or do you know much about it?

    Do you like your last name?

    If you don't like it, would you consider changing it?

    If we have children, how often would you like the children to see their grandparents?

    Do you have any particular concern about the children spending too much time with any of their grandparents or
    relatives (that are racist, alcoholics, foul-mouthed, ill-tempered, etc.)?

    Can you say "no" to your parents when they want you to do something you would prefer not to?

    When you get married, do you think there would be any changes in your social circle?

    Which friendships do you think you would let go and which ones would you add?

    If you were married, how would you like to meet new people to socialize with?

    Are you currently satisfied with the quality and quantity of friends you have? Why or why not?

    Early in the dating stage, how strongly do you consider your friends and family's opinion as to whether you should continue seeing someone?

    When was the last time you called your Mom, just to tell her you love her? Your Dad?

    How often do you call your parents/family members?

    Who is your best friend?

    What about this person makes them so special?

    Ideally, what characteristics would your friends have?

    What have your friends taught you?

    Are you jealous of any of the members of your family? Why?

    What does my body language tell you sometimes even though I'm not talking?

    Are there any parts of a couple's private life that should not be discussed with family or friends?

    Do you think your partner can listen to you and do something else (like watch TV or read the paper) at the same time? Can you?

    Do you think your partner talks too much on the phone and neglects you or other important things?

    Are there things that are easier to discuss with your friends than your partner? Do you think I can usually read your body language?

    Where am I good at it and what do I usually get wrong?

    On a typical month, how much is your long distance phone bill?

    Does that include international calls?

    If I get offended or irritated at something you say or do, what is the best way for me to bring it up so that you don't get angry?

    Do you think someone should ever correct his or her mate in public?

    How often do you feel that you really don't know your partner?

    Will time fill in the gaps or do you feel that your partner won't open up and you may never really know him or her?

    Can you have good conversations with someone you were just introduced to? When you really don't feel like talking to me, why is that?

    Do you prefer to stay in touch with others by letter, email, or the phone?

    When you ask your mate a question, does he or she always respond?

    How do you feel if you don't get a response?

    If you are in a grouchy mood, should I leave you alone or do something else?

    If there are some things from my past that are just too painful or uncomfortable to share is that ok with you?

    Would you be able to commit to someone who can't share everything?

    Does your mate usually interrupt your sentences?

    Do you find it irritating?

    Does your mate monopolize the conversation, making it hard to speak?

    Did your family tend to share feelings and emotions when you were growing up?

    If you have something that you really need to do, but you keep forgetting about it, how should I remind you without being a nag?

    Do you feel that your partner often takes ten minutes to tell you something when it could have been said in 30 seconds?

    Does that frustrate you?

    Do you enjoy talking about yourself - your job, your vacations, your accomplishments, etc.?

    Do you usually return phone calls and emails within a day?

    Are you good at taking phone messages or passing along important calendar dates to your partner?

    Do you sense that others may think that you talk too much about yourself?

    How much do you think a spouse should inform his or her mate regarding their schedule and whereabouts?

    Do you find it easy to start conversations with strangers?

    What areas do you think we could most improve our communication? (you might want to use the book chapter headings as a guide)

    What one topic do you wish I would be able to talk about more openly and freely?

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    Do you think you could ever give up your current life and move half way around the world for someone you love or for a perfect job?

    What are your career goals 1, 5 and 20 years from now?

    On average, how many hours do you work in a given week?

    If your employer saw everything you did at work, what grade would he or she give you? A B C D or F?

    Overall, how satisfied are you with your boss?

    Do you always seem to have "bad" bosses?

    Do you work better alone or with a team? Why?

    At what age or what level of financial stability (loans paid off, x dollars in savings) would you like to retire?

    How do you think you would spend your retirement?

    What decisions have you made regarding how you plan to balance work and play?

    Do you think you are a harder worker than most people at your job? Are you happy with doing an average job?

    How often do you call in sick when you are not really ill?

    Have you ever dated someone who worked in your company?

    Did the company have a policy against that?

    Is your business/line of work seasonal?

    What do you do during the slow periods?

    What changes do you think I would need to make to better enjoy my career?

    Do you "take your job home with you"?

    Do you get a lot of satisfaction from your job - do you feel you are somehow making a difference?

    Do you think you would ever have interest in running for a political office?

    Would it be okay for your partner to call you at work?

    Visit you?

    If you and your mate have significantly different levels of education, do you feel that it is hard to have a conversation on a level that is interesting and stimulating to you?

    How many books do you usually read in a year?

    What type of books do you read?

    Do you have a favorite bar or place of entertainment?

    How often do you go there?

    Do you have a location in the movie theater where you prefer to sit?

    Do you think your family should have a limit on the hours of television watched each day?

    Would you be willing to start this week?

    What role does art play in your life? What are your favorite hobbies?

    Would you like to spend more time on them?

    What shows on television do you always watch?

    How many movies do you usually watch in a month?

    How personally involved do you get with "your" team's performance?

    If they lose, does it make you angry or put you in a bad mood?

    How many hours a day on average do you spend on the computer/Internet (not counting time spent for work)?

    Do you collect anything?

    How long have you been collecting?

    Why do you collect?

    Which newspapers/newsmagazines do your read?

    How often?

    How often do you watch the news?

    Do you go into Internet chat rooms?

    Are they general chat rooms or devoted to a certain topic?

    What sports do you watch on television?

    College, Pro or both?

    How often do you go to concerts?

    What kinds?

    Would you go more often if you had more time/money?

    If you had a day to yourself with nothing that had to be done, how would you pamper yourself?

    Do you enjoy shopping, don't care one way or the other, or detest shopping?

    Does it change whether it is for clothes, electronics or food?

    If your mate had great interest in some sport or activity that you had absolutely no liking or interest in, would you try to like it or would you simply encourage him or her to do it without you?

    If your mate didn't like your hobby would you cut back significantly so you could enjoy more things together?

    What are your three favorite board/card games?

    On weekends how late do you like to stay out?

    On work nights?

    Do you like any activities that are daring or risky?

    How many hours of TV do you watch in an average day?

    When do you turn the television on and when do you turn it off?

    If someone wanted to give you a $50 gift certificate to use on yourself, which store/theatre/spa would you tell him or her you wanted.

    What crazy thing have you done in the name of "love"?

    What things have I done that make you question whether or not I love you?

    What rituals could be added to our relationship on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis that would help us to remain close?

    Do you think you are a romantic person?

    Could you convince a jury?

    Would you like it if your partner massaged you without expecting any sexual outcome?

    If you don't give your mate massages, why not?

    What sort of physical affection do you think is appropriate in public?

    Does it matter whether or not the couple is married?

    What one thing could we do to improve our dates together?

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    How do you tend to express love for your sweetheart? (Things you do, Things you say, Gifts you buy, etc.?)

    Do you think your partner is "romantic"? If not, how could he or she improve?

    What are some things that your partner has done for you that really made you feel loved?

    What's the most romantic thing that's ever been done for you?

    What's the most romantic thing you've ever done?

    There are many types of love. Can you name some and tell how they are different?

    Have you ever written a love letter?

    Do you save old love letters?

    People like to be shown love in different ways.

    What are some of the ways you like to be shown that someone loves you?

    From previous relationships, what was the best date you had?

    What was the best date we have been on?

    In what ways do you like to be romanced?

    What is your definition of "romance"?

    Is it difficult for you to say "I love you"?

    Do you need to hear "I love you" or similar words on a regular basis from your partner?

    How do you feel about the way your parents raised you?

    How did they do a good job and how did they mess up?

    What do you think is the common link among all (or at least most) of your friends? (School, Work, Personality, Hobbies, etc.)

    Do you have problems letting friendships dissolve when you realize you have little in common?

    Do you feel obligated to keep close family ties with relatives you would not normally choose to socialize with?

    Is it ever appropriate to "divorce" yourself from certain family members?

    Do you like it when friends feel comfortable enough to drop by unexpectedly?

    Who is your least favorite relative?

    Do you try to avoid him or her?

    Do you have a favorite relative?

    What makes them so special?

    Is your family important to you? Why?

    Do you think you could live more than six hours away from your parents and/or siblings?

    On a typical day/night out with your friends, what do you do?

    Did you grow up in an ethnic or culturally unique community?

    What role does it play in your life?

    Will you want to stay active in that community when you get married?

    In what ways do you think your parents could select a better mate for you than you could?

    If your family hated the person you were dating and voiced strong opinion against you marrying him or her, would you get married anyway?

    How have you changed since high school?

    What would your high school pals think about you now?

    What does my family do that annoys you?

    What family traditions did you have growing up?

    Would you want your children to continue them?

    What is the most important thing you learned from your father?

    What are some other things he taught you?

    What makes the difference between a good parent and a great parent?

    Do you enjoy hosting out of town guests in your home?
    If so, how long?

    How powerful is peer pressure to you?

    Do you feel you need to live in a similar fashion as your friends?

    Did you have problems with peer pressure in your earlier years? Which family member are you closest to?

    Has it always been that way?

    Have you given any thought to how you will take care of your mom and dad when they are older and need assistance?

    What is your relationship with your siblings?

    What makes the difference between a good husband and a great husband?

    Good wife and a great wife?

    What did you most enjoy doing with your family when you were a kid?
    How do you feel about friends, relatives or people in need living in your house for a year?

    What's the biggest fight you've had with your family?

    Has the issue been completely settled?

    How often do you see your family?

    Do you think that's enough or too much?

    How have your family been poor role models for relationships?

    Did you ever hear or see your parents fighting when you were a child?

    How did it make you feel?

    What is the most important thing you learned from your mother?

    What are some other things she taught you?

    Did one of your parents love you more than the other?

    Do you think it is risky or unhealthy for your mate to have a best friend's of the opposite sex?

    Do any of your friends have things that make you envious?

    Which of your friends is most successful?

    Would you like to have the same level of success?

    What positive things have you learned from observing your parents' marriage?

    Do you think you are a good influence on your friends or do you think they need you to be a good influence on them?

    How are they a bad influence?

    Do you keep things that have no real use and will probably never been used again (old newspapers, magazines, broken appliances, etc.)?

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    Would you be willing to throw out or let your mate help you go through your "junk" if the clutter began to affect your relationship?

    How long do you usually take to get ready in the morning?

    How do you feel about your mate redecorating without consulting you?

    How soon would you like to move out of our first (or current) home?

    Next year? Five years?

    After the kids move out? Never?

    Do you allow anyone to smoke in your house?

    Do you like to have chores scheduled or just do them when they need it (or you feel like it)?

    If you had to pick a different city to live in with your sweetheart and proximity to family and friends didn't matter, which city would it be?

    Have you ever hired a cleaning service?

    Do you think they are a waste of money or money well spent?

    What do you envision our home (our realistic home - not our dream home) looking like?

    The architecture, the d

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    How important to you is a house that is clean and without clutter?

    Would you be willing to clean the house to your liking if your spouse doesn't clean it to your satisfaction?

    Do you feel that the pluses outweigh the minuses regarding having a television in the bedroom?

    What are the positives and negatives?

    Do you think there are any books or movies I should read or see?

    Why these?

    If you had to take a paid sabbatical and couldn't work for an entire year, what would you most like to do?

    How often do you go clothes shopping?

    Do you have problems letting someone else control the remote control?

    Are you a channel surfer?

    What sort of parties do you enjoy going to?

    Do you like to go for a short while or stay until most people have gone?

    Do you enjoy going to amusement parks?

    Do you like going on the thrill rides?

    Do you regularly go to musicals, operas or plays? If not, why?

    Do you prefer to spend most weekends lazing around the house, getting out of the house or being productive?

    Do you think you read too much or too little?

    Do you collect anything?

    What and how long have you collected?

    To what lengths do you go to add to your collection?

    How much do you spend each year on your collections?

    What is your favorite type of art?

    Do you feel you are artistic in any way?

    Do you prefer to be the passenger or the driver?
    Are you a back seat driver?

    What is your primary mode of transportation?

    Do you wish you had a different option?

    Do you ride motorcycles?

    Do you wear a helmet when bicycling or motorcycling?

    Is it the law where you live?

    Do you wear your seat belt when you are in a vehicle?

    If not, would you wear one if your mate asked you to because they love you?

    Have you ever received a D.W.I./D.U.I.?

    How many and how long ago?

    Do you currently hitchhike from time to time?

    Have you ever?

    Do you let your friends drive your vehicle if they need one to run an errand?

    Would you let you mate drive it on a regular basis?

    What do you feel is important in a vehicle for you (seats 5, reliable, good gas mileage, built like a tank, looks good, fast, etc.)?

    Do you keep your car clean or do you allow it to pile up with trash first?

    If you and your spouse had two cars, one much nicer than the other, who do you think should drive the newer vehicle?

    Would it make any difference if only one of you worked?

    Do you enjoy going on long road trips as the driver?

    As the passenger?

    Do you find that driving with your partner is pleasant or stressful?

    Do you personally wash and wax your car? How often?

    If your partner asked you to slow down or to drive more carefully, would you?

    What were you teased about when you were younger?

    How did that make you feel? Did you tease others?

    Have you ever performed on stage in a band, a play or other performance? How did it make you feel?

    Did you ever hang out with the wrong crowd in school?

    Did your parents know about it?

    Were you a good teenager or did you give your parents a lot of grief?

    Were you always getting in trouble for a particular thing when you were a child?

    Did you ever run away from home? If so, why?

    What school sports and activities did you participate in up through college?

    What goals do you have for your marriage?

    Is there anything you feel you must accomplish before you die?

    What steps do you need to take to achieve these goals?

    What are three goals you have for this year?

    What are you top ten goals for your lifetime?

    In what ways does our relationship help and/or hinder the achievement of your goals?

    What is your favorite holiday? Why is it so special to you?

    Do you think we should spend certain holidays with certain families or would you like to spend holidays alone (and with any kids we might have) for a change?

    If you have children from another relationship, how do you negotiate with whom they spend the holidays?

    What are your thoughts about couples renewing their vows?

    Has anyone ever thrown an extra special birthday party for you?

    What made it so memorable?

    How much do you feel we should spend on Christmas?

    Who should we buy gifts for: friends, all relatives, co-workers, mailman, etc?

    Or do we want to try to celebrate it spiritually without all the commercialism?

    If so, how do we celebrate it?

    Do your religious beliefs prohibit the celebration of certain holidays?

    If you are a Christian, how can you put the focus of the Christmas season on Jesus Christ?

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    Who should be responsible for sending holiday cards and thank you notes from the family?

    How do you think a married couple should celebrate their wedding anniversary?

    Does it always have to be the same way?

    Who should plan wedding anniversaries?

    Would you like to rotate?

    Should we have a yearly budget?

    How important is it that you spend the holidays with your spouse and young children?

    How much do you spend on wedding gifts?

    Birthday presents?

    Christmas gifts?

    Do you think partners should spend the same amount on each other for Christmas?

    What amount?

    What if one partner earns far more than the other and you keep separate accounts?

    Which family members should we buy birthday or special holidays gifts for (parents, siblings, aunts/uncles, grandparents, cousins, etc.)?

    How do you usually spend the "big" holidays?

    Do you do so mainly out of tradition or because you really enjoy celebrating it that way?

    Do you decorate elaborately for holidays?

    Would you like to put up more decorations if you had the time/money?

    Do you like to throw holiday parties or dinners?

    What do you usually do?

    If you didn't receive any gifts for Christmas (or the major holiday you celebrate) how would you feel?

    Do you usually have to work on any of the major holidays?

    How did you celebrate birthdays as a child?

    How do you like to celebrate yours now?

    Do you get emotional (irritated, sad, joyous, etc.) before or after any holidays? Which ones and why?

    Where do you think you would be most comfortable living? City or country? Near the beach or closer to the mountains? Hot, warm or cold climate?

    What is the bare minimum you expect in a home?

    Are there duties or chores that you don't think you would do in a marriage? (take out the trash, mow the lawn, clean bathrooms, iron, etc)

    Which type of home do you think would have the most benefit for our lifestyle? Apartment (no maintenance but not much privacy and not a long term investment)? House ( regular yard work and maintenance but the most privacy)? Townhouse/condo (no yard or exterior maintenance but certain restrictions and not as much privacy)?

    How do you feel that a husband can “submit” in marriage?

    Do you believe all religions are worshipping God the way He wants us to?

    What has been your most negative experience with your religion or other religions?

    What has been your most positive experience with your religion or other religions?

    If you are turned off on religion is it because of bad experiences you have had with humans or is it because you are unhappy with God?

    Do you have any customs or rituals regarding celebrating births and remembering deaths in your family?

    About how many times a month/year do you attend church services?

    How important is religion when deciding to seriously date someone?

    What religious differences would cause you serious doubts about a long-term relationship?

    Do you believe that if you give money to churches or charity that you will be financially rewarded?

    Rewarded in other ways?

    Do you believe in ghosts, angels or extraterrestrial beings? Why?

    If you have religious convictions regarding sex before marriage, what boundaries should you set up so you live up to those convictions?

    If you say you are a religious person, do you really practice it?

    Have you studied your religion's doctrines?

    In which ways are you not actively following your faith?

    Have you seriously studied other faiths besides your own?

    If you are a Christian do you know what other denominations believe and teach?

    What doctrines are essential for a church to teach in order for you to be able to become a member?

    Do you attend the church you were brought up in?

    Would you consider attending a different church/denomination if your spouse desired?

    Is it more important that you attend a church where you are comfortable or is it more important that you worship with your husband/children?

    What do you think of couples who each attend their own Christian church?

    Could you marry someone who does not share your fundamental religious beliefs?

    When we die, what do you think happens to us?

    What do you base your opinion on?

    What do you think it means to receive Christ as your Savior and Lord or "have you been saved"?

    Have you ever personally received Christ as your Savior and Lord?


    If yes, Where? When?

    What would you like to happen to your body (buried, cremated, donated to science, etc.) when you die?

    Do you have this stipulation in writing anywhere?

    What are your father's and mother's religious backgrounds?

    If we practice different religions, what problems might that cause with our wedding, the way we celebrate holidays, and how we will raise our children?

    Do you believe that mankind is created with free-will (the ability to make right or wrong decisions) or that everything in life is predestined (planned out for you)?

    Is there any way we could use religion to help fill our marriage with love and peace?

    Do you want a church wedding. If so, why?

    Do you believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God?

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    Do you have any religious, ethical or cultural reasons why you think people of different races should not marry?

    How often do you pray?

    Why do you pray?

    Do you have any superstitions?

    What are they?

    The Bible emphatically states that eternal life only comes through belief in Jesus Christ and his sacrifice. If you are a Christian, how do you feel about living with someone who does not have the same hope of eternal life?

    What if they worshipped some other god than Jesus Christ?

    If you and your mate had significantly different religious beliefs, what would you teach your children about God?

    Would you want your mate to teach your children things that contradict your beliefs?

    Do you believe most people who convert to their mate’s religion do so out of keeping peace in the family or because they sincerely understand and believe the tenets of their mate's faith?

    Does it matter?

    Would you be willing to go through a workshop or class that discussed the basic beliefs and doctrines of your partner’s church?

    How does your faith help you cope with problems and trials?

    Are there evil spirits in the world?

    Do you fear them?

    What place do you believe religion will have in our lives?

    Is religion important in your daily life? Why or why not?

    How to do feel about those who are in different religions?

    Do you believe that God has a plan to save the whole world from eternal death (those who want to be saved) or only those who hear and believe the "truth" in this lifetime? Were you afraid of God as a child?

    To what extend do you think God expects us to follow and obey religious leaders?

    Does your religion have a policy on contraception?

    What is it?

    If you don't go to church at all or very often, do you think that might change when you have children?

    Why wait until then?

    Can you think of anything that might make you want to stop attending church?

    Do you think God created rules and instructions (a religion) to help men keep close to him?

    Or do you think man just made up those rules?

    Do you have spiritual yearnings?

    What questions to life are you trying to figure out?

    How many hours a week do you typically devote to your religious practices (e.g. going to church, prayer meetings, bible study, etc.)?

    Do you believe in reincarnation?

    Do you believe that the Satan of the Bible actually exists?

    If so, what is he doing?

    Why is he evil?

    Which religions do you think are the most harmful and destructive?

    Some people say they are "spiritual" but not "religious".

    What does that mean to you?

    If you pray, what do you give thanks for and what do you ask for?

    Do you fear God? Why or why not?

    Do you believe that God does anything that does not make sense?

    Can you always apply human logic to analyze religion?

    If we currently attend the same church but years from now I lost interest and stopped attending, how do you think that might affect our marriage?

    Why do you think the Bible states that Christians should meet regularly with other believers and worship Him?

    Does your partner have any religious beliefs that you feel are plain wrong (not going to doctors, no birth control, animal sacrifices, not wearing make-up, etc.) and you will not go along with?

    Do you think you could kill a person if they were threatening the life of your loved ones?

    Would you be able to marry someone who formerly was in a gay relationship or had a few homosexual experiences prior to dating you?

    Is there anyone you would be willing to die for?

    Do you vote regularly?

    Do you vote straight Republican, Democrat or other party?

    Or do you analyze each candidate and vote for who you think is most qualified regardless of party affiliation?

    Are you currently involved in any criminal activities right now?

    Would you steal a car for $200,000 if you would be certain that you would not be caught?

    What about for $1,000,000?

    How would you feel if one of your friends said he or she was gay?

    Would you still want to socialize with him or her?

    Are you often embarrassed about how most of your race behaves?

    Do you think your race is superior to all others/most?

    How do you feel about gambling?

    If your company sent you on a business trip to Las Vegas, what limit would you place on yourself for gambling each day?

    To what extent are you involved in politics?

    How do you feel about having guns in your home?

    Do you have guidelines regarding movies you will not see?

    Do you use foul language?

    Why do you do it?

    Does it bother you when you hear others cuss?

    Is there anything you would physically fight for?

    If you found a wallet with $300 cash in it, would you return it to its owner?

    Would you turn it into the police if there was no identification in it?

    Do you feel strongly against people wearing fur coats?

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    Are you liberal, conservative or somewhere in the middle? Do you think your parents are/were racist?

    How did that affect the way you think about people of other races?

    From your past relationships, do you think that most people learn from their mistakes or do they simply keep repeating them?

    Do you believe that most people are trustworthy and honest?

    Tell me about the biggest lie you've ever told?

    Why did you tell it and how did you feel afterwards?

    What do you do to protect the environment?
    Do you think you should do more?

    Do you think you could go skinny dipping with your mate in private?

    How about with a group of people you knew?

    Have you ever been to or would you ever go to a nude beach?

    What is your opinion on nudism (people who enjoy being nude around others - not in a sexual way)?

    Besides traffic violations, have you ever knowingly broken a law?

    What did you do?

    Do you believe that there are some laws that aren't necessary to be kept?

    Do you support (with money and/or time) any charities or causes?

    If your dear friends wanted you to donate sperm or eggs because they were infertile, would you do so?

    How would you feel about your mate doing so?

    What about donating them for a couple that would remain anonymous?

    Do you believe there is one right person for you out there in the world or that there can be many different potential mates that you could live blissfully with?

    What sort of emotions (rage, anger, sorrow, etc.) do you think are inappropriate for people to express publicly?

    What are your thoughts on handguns that serve no other real purpose than shooting people?

    Have you ever stolen anything? Why? Were you caught?

    Do you think astrological birth signs represents ones character? Why?

    Do you believe in God?

    What were you raised to believe about religion?

    If you are a Christian, what does the word "submission" in Ephesians 5:21,22 mean?

    Are you a gourmet - enjoying trying all sorts of international cuisine or do you prefer to eat the same basic food all the time?

    Do you remember your first alcoholic drink?

    What were the circumstances?

    Who do you think should be responsible for grocery shopping and cooking in a marriage?

    When you are married how many times a week do you think you would eat out?

    What foods do you really dislike?

    Are there any foods you don't eat for health or other reasons?

    Have you ever been hospitalized? What for? What was the experience like?

    Do you enjoy experiencing different ways of life or do you usually find it frustrating that they don't do things as efficiently or like the way things are done back home?

    Have you ever traveled out of the country?

    Do you have a passport? When does it expire?

    Do you usually do some business while you are on vacation (answering email, checking voicemail, returning phone calls, etc.)?

    How much time each day?

    Is that pretty much necessary?

    Would you rather take a one-week $5000 vacation or would you rather go on three different one-week vacations that cost $1700 each?

    What is the maximum length vacation you think you could take away from work without causing a problem?

    If you were retired or between jobs how long could you be away?

    If you could plan any vacation for us, where would it be?

    When you travel, what is your usual goal (relax, sight see, see friends/family, do culture things, eat at new restaurants, etc.)?

    Do you go back to the same places again and again or do you desire to go to new places most of the time when you travel?

    Do you like to travel on the spur of the moment (hey, let's drive to the mountains next weekend)?

    How many times during the year do you travel?

    How many times for business and how many pleasure vacations?

    How much does your typical one week vacation cost (not including air fare)?

    Do you think you take budget vacations, moderate or expensive trips?

    Do you fly as cheaply as possible or do you splurge for business or first class when going on vacation?

    Do you tend to get sea sick or motion sick?

    What cures have you tried?

    What was the best vacation you've ever taken?

    Have you ever been on a group tour?

    What do you think about them?

    Do you like to take vacations that are activity oriented (cycling trips, skiing trips, scuba trips, etc.)?

    Do you enjoy camping?

    What eating/sleeping arrangements are tolerable?

    Who looks after your home when you are away on vacation?

    How do you handle the language barrier when you travel to foreign countries?

    Are you willing to visit places where your language might not be spoken?

    Do you think you would enjoy going on a vacation with your sweetheart's family?

    Would you detest it or do you not know them well enough to decide?

    What are your thoughts on separate vacations?

    If we had limited income and different travel priorities, do you think we should take vacations without each other every once in a while?

    When you go on a vacation with someone, do you like doing everything together, most things together or most things on your own and then getting back together for meals?

    If you and your mate each have an income and maintain separate accounts, how do you split the costs of a vacation?

    What sort of research, if any, do you do before you travel somewhere?

    How do you feel about going on weekend getaways?

    If you enjoy traveling, what places do you like to go to most often?

    Are there any places you have no desire to go to?

    Do you arrive at the airport ahead of time in case problems arise or do you try to get there at the last possible minute so you don’t have to wait?

    Do you save up for a vacation or do you put it all on credit and pay it off as you can?

    How many weeks each year can you take off from work?

    If we ended up having opposite political views, how would that affect our relationship?

    Any particular issue you would find difficult to tolerate the opposite viewpoint?

    Have you ever committed a felony?

    Have you ever been arrested?

    Are you listed as an organ donor on your driver's license for when you die?

    Would you like for your organs to be donated?

    Do you have a position on the government killing men and women who have knowingly committed murder?

    What do you think about pornography?

    Do you think it is ever helpful?

    How do you feel about men and women killing people from other countries?

    Have you already been in a war?

    How did it affect you to have to kill (or support those who killed) others?

    Are you an activist for any causes?

    Do you find that you eat when you are bored, stressed, or worried?

    Are there emotional times that make you want to eat?

    Have you ever deliberately thrown up food or ate tiny amounts of food to lose weight?

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    How much time per day/week do you currently exercise?

    How much time do you think you should spend?

    How do you think we could help each other with our exercise regimens?

    Do you have any particular health concerns (e.g. heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, etc.)?

    Do you get a regular medical checkup?

    When was your last one?

    Are you more likely to take over the counter medicines, prescription medicines, homeopathic medicines, natural remedies or nothing at all when you are sick?

    Do you cook or do you only eat prepackaged food?

    How often do you go out to eat? Will you eat everything on your plate no matter how much is there (assuming you like the food)?

    Or will you quit when you feel full enough?

    Do you need to feel "stuffed" to be satisfied?

    What form of exercise do you prefer?

    Do you currently suffer from a sleeping disorder?

    Have you ever?

    Do you enjoy eating leftovers?

    Do you refuse to eat leftovers?

    Do you always like to sample your partner's food in restaurants?

    Does it bother you if someone always wants to taste your food/drink?

    Have you ever done any stupid or dangerous things when you were drunk? Like what?

    Do you regularly take vitamins?

    Do you think the foods you eat have enough naturally occurring vitamins in them?

    Could you ever be married to someone whose breath and clothes always reeked of tobacco?

    Do you try to eat healthy meals? Organic?

    Are you currently on any medication? What for?

    On average, how many alcoholic beverages do you have in a week?

    Is that all at once, on the weekend or spread about through the week?

    Do you like to plan your week's menu in advance or cook whatever you are in the mood for (or have ingredients for)?

    Do you enjoy cooking for company or do you feel inadequate?

    Do you usually just buy what you need at the store, whatever is on sale, or whatever looks good?

    Are you highly critical of the food and service when you dine out?

    Can you go out and enjoy a meal or do you always have to "rate" it?

    Are you fearful of germs or food poisoning and tend to toss everything out of the refrigerator that is more than a week old?

    Were you taught proper table manners growing up?

    Do you feel that your table manners need improving?

    Would you like for your mate to point out where you could improve?

    Do your partner's table manners embarrass you when you eat in public?

    Do drink coffee?

    If so, how many times a week and how many cups each day?

    Do you feel that you need a caffeine "fix" to get going for the day?

    Do you ever drink and drive?

    Would you agree not to if your partner had a big problem with you doing so?

    Do you have any allergies?

    Have you been abused in any way - sexually, emotionally, or physically?

    Do you still have emotional scars from it?

    Have you ever counseled about it?

    Name one or two minor changes I could make to my appearance that would make me more attractive?

    Do you have any phobias, fears or concerns about going to the doctor?

    Do you have any concerns over vaccinations or flu shots for you or your children?

    What are your feelings about recreational drugs?

    Have you ever taken any and if so, how long did you use drugs?

    Do you still use them?

    Do you have any concerns about my health or unhealthy habits?

    Second hand smoke is one of the leading causes of cancer and breathing related illnesses. Will you allow anyone to smoke around your children?

    If you smoke now would you make a serious attempt to quit before having children?

    Have you ever suffered from depression (not just feeling blue, but a feeling of extreme sadness that leaves you nearly paralyzed)?

    If so, what brought these feelings on, how long did the depression last and what therapies worked for you?

    Have you ever had serious thoughts about committing suicide?

    What are your thoughts about those who kill themselves?

    Do you think tobacco should be banned since it is an addictive drug?

    If that happened what affect would it have on people's lives 20 years from now?

    Should marijuana be made legal?

    How would that change affect society 20 years from now?

    When, if ever, was the first time you smoked a cigarette?

    Why did you try it?

    How long did you smoke?

    If you still smoke, have you ever seriously tried to quit?

    Do you smoke (or chew tobacco)? How often?

    How long have you been doing so and have you ever tried to stop?

    What methods?

    Which meals would you like to be able to eat together?

    Do you think we will be able to consistently do so?

    Do you get irritated when you have to wait in long lines?

    Will you wait 45 minutes to be seated in a restaurant?

    Do you have any special dietary needs?

    How do you need me to support you with this need?

    Do you consider yourself in shape?

    Do you live to eat or eat to live?

    What do you think are your optimum hours of sleep to be fully energized?

    Do you ever diet?

    What sort of diets do you usually go on?

    How often do you get sick? Is it a cold, flu or usually something else?

    Are you a coupon collector?

    Do you sometimes get fanatical about saving money on groceries?

    How many drinks does it take until you are definitely "feeling it."

    Do you cut yourself off after a certain number of drinks?

    Or when do you know you have had enough?

    Have you ever had an emotional breakdown or been diagnosed with a mental illness? How long did the recovery take?

    What do you think about eating meals (with your family) in front of the television?

    Do you think family time and discussions around the dinner table are important?

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