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    Default Letting go...

    So its been almost two months with NC with the x. To be honest I really have stopped counting the days. She has tried to reach out to me through email, text, ect.. I have ignored them all. Not to say it was easy doing that but I know it was the best thing for me to do. I still love this person and I do think about her on a daily basis though not as much as I used to. It took me over a year and half to realize that I had to let her go. I was just soo sick of the games and the back and forth drama. She told me everything I wanted to hear , but guess what ...words are just that words. Her actions told me everthing I needed to know.

    Everyone who is going through a breakup , you have to let it go in order to get yourself back. Since I have let go I have found happyness again. Happyness within myself. I realized that I didnt need anyone to make me happy. I have changed my attitude about life in general. I have become more positive and optimistic. This entire situation has made me so much stronger. Dont get me wrong everyone has their bad days when you are feeling down but even then I try to stay positive. Soo many people focus on what they do not have instead of looking around and realizing what they do have. I know the holidays CAN be a hard time if you are single and feeling alone. My advice would be to hang around good friends and family as much as possible. Thats what im going to do.

    I cant tell you how helpful this site has been for me. So many great people who care. So glad I found you guys !

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