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Thread: Just friends - Yes why not ?

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    Default Just friends - Yes why not ?

    Bit of a debate this one, can males and females be just 'friends' ?

    I have 2 very,very good friends who are female, weve never been inimate and we all know we never will.

    Its great we all share each others problems, mostly including the opposite sex and its great to get each others point of views, like having a spy in the camp !

    We have a laugh just like me and the guys do so yes it can work.

    Although can get tricky a certain ex thought I was playing away when she seen me with one of these friends, after a vodka and coke over the head a slap and then me explaining we were all kinda ok lol.

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    I agree with you. I have MANY female friends that are EXCELLENT for getting a different point of view.

    "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit." -Aristotle

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    One of my closest and best friends happens to be a guy. He also happens to be an ex-boyfriend. I've known him for a total of 12 years. We dated the first 2 years of knowing each other and have been friends ever since.

    Being a woman, it's hard to get some men to understand that he and I are JUST friends. We haven't been romantic in ANY form since we were in a relationship 10 years ago. Last year he even met me in Mexico for a vacation. I was supposed to go with my son, but due to poor grades he wasn't able to go. Not wanting to go alone, I asked Bryant to join me and we had a blast.

    When I tell that story no one believes that we didn't fool around. When I told it to my ex, he said he believed me because it was me telling it to him, but he didn't dare tell any of his friends the same story because he never would have heard the end of it.

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    I've got a few close guy friends that I am just friends with and always will be. Sure some of them are cute and all but I could just never see myself dating them. They are just great as friends and I really admire the guy friends that I have that respect that and haven't ever suggested anything more then that. I don't keep guy friends that don't respect if I don't see anything more in them.

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    Yes males and females can be just friends...I do have male friends and I do hang out with them and we also have conversations getting each others point of view. Some call just to say hi, how have you been and we just enjoy having a laugh or five!

    Nothing wrong with having and maintaining friendships.


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    Its definately possible, but realistically, for the most part, not too common.
    Of course we all have friends of the oposite sex that we cherish dearly and you see them only as friends. I have tons of guy friends that are just friends. But of course... they are merely simple friendships.
    What I'm talking about is when the friendship developes a deep bond. When he or she is not simply just a friend, but your "best friend", your "closest friend". Thats when ussually things can eventually get complicated. Not always-But for the most part.

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    Of course they can!! My best friend since I was 13 has been a guy. And I have MANY close platonic male friends, one other other that I would put in my best friend basket.

    I think it's reall importantto have good friends of both sexes as it allows you to understand people in general better.

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    It is absolutely possible to have purely platonic friendships ith the opposite sex. One of my best friends when I was younger is a girl. We used to hang out all the time and there has never been anything between us, not once. The problem can arise when you get so close to a friend of the opposite sex and mistake your deep friendship emotions with sexual attraction. I have seen this more than once. Friends of opposite sex are 100% possible, but there are certain boundaries and instances that you need to handle a bit more carefully. Not everyone is the same and not everyone will see these boundaries in the same places. You just need to handle certain items a bit more carefully. My close girl friend doesn't live here any more and we don't stay caught up as much as we used to. But say while one of my guy friends is over I wouldn't think twice to stripping down and going to shower in front of them, that's not something I would ever do with a girl friend. Does that make sense. Your friendship with the opposite sex is great for you there are just some moments where it HAS to be different from your guy bonds.

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    It's totally possible. It's also totally possible for one of you to decide that you have feelings for the other, and things get alllll crazy...potentially.

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