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Thread: Abuse in Marriage

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    Thumbs down Abuse in Marriage

    No One Deserves to Be Abused

    All individuals are of great worth and should be treated with respect. It is important for everyone to understand that it is never appropriate to hurt others through emotional, physical, or sexual abuse. Any form of abuse is wrong. It hurts all of society. If you are being abused or are abusing someone seek professional help.

    What is Emotional Abuse?

    There are various types of emotional abuse. Below is a list of characteristics that are emotionally abuse.

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    i finally got the courage to say enough is enough... after almost 13 years together with my husband. he was abusive in every way. he also is a drug addict. i called the cops about 3 weeks ago after he physically and verbally abused me again in front of our youngest son. i've been wanting to end this marriage for so long, in fact 5 years ago, i filed for divorce but we reconciled. i guess i thought he'd change, but nothing changed at all. he was still abusive and was constantly cheating on me with other women and he even gave me an std. glad i got that treated but still i stayed with him, i regret so much. from the beginning of our relationship, maybe after a week in to it, he began abusing me and isolated me from everyone. i didn't have nobody to turn to and i began to just live my life that way. it was hard to please him. nothing i do is good enough for him. and it seems that all the other women to him, was better than me. i am a good person. i always try to do the right thing in life. my parents raised me well. my siblings and i never got into trouble or anything and i was a straight A student growing up. but how i ended up with a guy like this? i don't know. i never wanted to be the one to hurt him by ending the relationship and that i was always weak hearted. i did loved him alot and wanted to keep our family together but i guess i finally woke up and felt that he will never ever change not even for our kids. it's still hard for me right now to live my life after being with him so long but my kids are keeping me strong and i got to live my life for them. i'm just sorry that i put them through this all this years when we could have left him earlier. i deserve better. my kids deserve better.

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    Welcome to the forums, Mina! You've been through an awful lot, and I'm glad you came to us for a little support.

    I'm also glad you finally found the strength to get yourself and your kids out of such a harmful and unhealthy situation. That must NOT have been easy for you at all, but I do agree that both you and your kids deserve much better than the situation you were living in before. Try not to beat yourself up over what you feel you should have done - just work with your kids to build an even stronger relationship with them...even work together with a therapist if you think you need to. This has been a lot for all of you to go through, and it's a lot to process.

    I hope you're able to re-connect with some of those you had been isolated from during your marriage - having friends and family for support as much as possible will help you all enormously. And please feel free to come and post here whenever you need support....or at least let us know how you're doing!

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