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Thread: She suddenly wants to be "just friends"

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    Default She suddenly wants to be "just friends"

    I met this girl a few months ago. We'd been hanging out as part of a group for a while, then recently started just hanging out together and texting each other basically all day.

    After a few weeks of this, I asked if she wanted to be more than friends, and she did. We went on two dates after that. After the first one, she went on about how much fun she had and how she couldn't wait to see me again. She seemed really excited about me in general ("I had so much fun last night" etc.). But, after the second one, I asked her if she had fun, but she just said she was "struggling with the more than friends thing".

    I tried to give her some time to think, but I couldn't help it and started asking questions. The only reason she would give is that she "thought she liked me that way, but now she doesn't think she does". When I asked her what caused her to change her mind, she said "You're cute, interesting, nice, and funny, so I don't really know why I don't like you in that way."

    So, I was just wondering if anyone could give me some insight into what could possibly be going through her mind. I don't understand how she can list a bunch of reasons to like me, but then say that she doesn't.

    I'm just so confused, and I feel like there must be something she isn't telling me. It's like she instantly went from being all excited to "feeling awkward".

    Most importantly, I'm wondering if there's any hope...


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    Hey KRST, welcome.
    I think that sometimes you can tell that you like the other person but when you start to know him better you can tell there's no chemistry... I think that's what happened with this girl. She's just not that into you.
    One time I met a guy that I like but he was a terrible kisser and I couldn't stand that. He was great but his kisses were so bad, I could tell there was no chemistry and I decided I wasn't interested enough to go out with him again...

    Good luck!


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    Many, many years ago I saw a guy walk into a dance hall. I was so into his look and I was drawn to him.I wanted him to notice me. He liked my sister instead so we became friends. My sister didn't give him the time of day. We remained friends and had alot of laughs. About 8 months after, he said we should date because we liked each other. I agreed and was thrilled. It was only after actually dating him that I realized there was no romantic chemistry although I continued to like him. He was upset about my not wanting a romantic relationship so we drifted apart. Don't take it personal and don't push, cause she will bolt. Hope is eternal but be careful that you don't give more of your heart than she wants. Good luck:friendlywave:

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