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Thread: Stuck! Idk what to do anymore!

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    Default Stuck! Idk what to do anymore!

    I'm so sick and tired of car trouble and never being able to get ahead. I can't get over what I just did because it's too late. I'm also wondering why I pray to God for peace and help with the car situation but it just isn't working. I try to be positive and be thankful. I am really grateful for my friends and family who support me and try to help but it doesn't solve my problem.

    My van broke down a month ago. I didn't want to put more money into fixing it at first because it's a 98 ford windstar and I wanted a newer car. I had just gotten my 3rd part time job (I have 3 part time jobs and school) so I was expecting to save about $400 a month. That would be enough for monthly payments on a car but I was waiting on my tax return for a downpayment.

    I tried to get a car at a place and everything looked great they made it seem like I was going to get approved. I went down on 3 occassions because I forgot a pay stub and then the last time I went, the guy working with me wasn't in that day so another guy worked with me. Took him a while to find my papers and everything was almost done but he needed to get underwriter's approval. We waited there two hours for them to finally say the underwriter wouldn't be in til 1. WTF. We didn't have time to keep waiting so told them to call. The guy that worked with me originally came in and showed underwriter and then called later to say that tge underwriter didn't believe I had 3 jobs. My mom explained to them how I did (since I had larengitus at the time) and he said he'd explain it to underwriter and call back. He never called andi gave up on them.

    Meanwhile my mom was driving me to work and school everyday and I was tired of having to have her always give me rides and she was sick of it too. It just wasn't working out so I decided to go ahead and fix van. Turns out the fuel pump went out. But that's not it! Somehow there was transmission fluid that got into the brake fluid!!! Idk how the heck that would've happened but after tge shock wore off I reluctantly said to go ahead with replacing brake system that was now destroyed and fuel pump. Totaled out to $2,000. I had planned to spend no more then $500 on fixing van. There went my entire tax return plus now I owe my mom $500.

    I got the van back and it seemed fine tge first day but the next morning got off the highway and it was smoking. My bf thought it was leaking from water pump but he spent 5 hours replacing it to find out that it is still leaking and he saw hairline cracks on the area between the pump and the engine! I have a bad bad feeling about this.

    I'm so mad that I spent all my money on that van becausei felt it was tge only thing I could do to stop relying on my mom but if I had waited a little bit longer I would've had a nice $1,500 downpayment for a better car but it's too late now. I'm sick of thinking about it because I know it's useless to think of it now.

    The thing about it is this leak could be from something serious like maybe a cracked block or something. I have to get a mechanic to look at it and then that will need fixed and on top of that there are a list of things that still need fixed that I held off on. This van is so not worth it but I don't know what to do anymore. I don't have any money to spare now and I need transportation to get to my jobs!

    We're currently borrowing a car from my bf's friend. That car is a piece of junk and we drove it to my weekend job an hour away. Lucky we made it! It's a really old car that has trouble when trying to drive on slight hills cuz it needs an old change and sparks checked or whatever. His friend is allowing us to borrow it do I can get to school and back but we're not supposed to be driving it much. Idk how long he will let us borrow it. Tonight I have to get a hotel since I'm staying down here for work til Sunday night. So I'm practically working today simply to pay my hotel cost. I just didn't want to call off.

    I'm so tired of worrying sick over this! Idk what to do next.

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    UGH!!! Man that is horrible Jess!!! I am so sorry! That sounds horrible! There is nothing like trying to do the right thing and instead end up wasting not only money but time. Hang in there if you can. I really can't give you any advice on the situation but I can say there is nothing you can do about it now. What's done is done. I really feel horrible for you Jess. I know you are a positive person and want the best for everyone. Try your best NOT to let this get you too down. I know you are frustrated and I can't blame you. I hope you find a solution soon.

    Take care of you and try your best not to worry.

    Your Friend,

    "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit." -Aristotle

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    Sorry about the situation you find yourself in. Stay strong and positive and you WILL find a solution. You had no way of knowing what would happen so don't beat yourself up. Problem is we don't have the big picture and sometimes get frustrated when things don't turn out as we planned. Maybe if you would have gotton approved for another car at that time something bad would have happened. Ask God to help you keep your faith and cool while this gets sorted out. I know a resolution is on the way.:grouphug:

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