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Thread: Is he not interested?

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    Let him make the next move. I know its old fashion but men still like doing the chasing. Good luck and let us know what happens.:wink1:

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    Being a social swing dancer myself for 11 years, I say don't but too much emphasis on the touchy feely stuff. Close contact in the dance scene is something a long term dancer takes for granted and doesn't think about. All of my male dance friends will lead you back to seat by the hand - it's just what dancers do. We are used to being touched all the time, and when you come into dancing as a newbie, it can be quite a shock, to see and feel how much people 'touch' one another and the close contact we have without feeling awkward or like someone is 'interested in you'

    My male dance friends (even those who are married and with g/fs) lead me to the floor by the hand, lead me OFF the floor by the hand or arm in arm. Put their arm around me to initiate a dance and or have a means nothing. It's just basic dance ettiquite. Holding on too long however can be seen as creepy and those guys are generally avoided. Some male friends will run across the floor to make sure they get to dance with me - but that is because they love dancing with me and want to get to me before someone else does - has nothing to do with them fancying me.

    Usually in dancing, I have found, if a guy is interested in someone, he tends to touch them less until he knows where he stands. It's funny, because the guys who know there is nothing but friendship between you are the ones who don't worry about how much they touch you when they come get you for a dance...because they know it won't be seen as anything. I'm immune to ANY of it really. Been dancing so long I'm used to close contact and totally comfortable with it to the point where I don't notice ANYTHING now.

    Anyway, don't chase him. Let him respond. if he is interested he will contact you and ask you out. If not...just move on from it.

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    He started out interested, then it sounds like you did something that sent off an alarms.

    My first instinct tells me maybe you seemed a bit desperate and he's trying to slow it down (I could be wrong). Give it some time, maybe send him a courteous "whats up" and see where it goes from there.

    If the response is coy... get out!


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