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    Default How to remove skin tags at home?

    I'm sick of these nasty skin tags! i"ve been dying to remove them but teh doc is very expensive. I called and asked, agh I can't afford that. does ANYONE have any idea how to remove it on my own WITHOUT cutting it, eww. PAIN lol. Thanks so much!
    skin tags
    remove skin tags
    remove skin tags naturally

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    Hi Daniele and welcome here.
    I think you are doing ok. The fact that she text you almost every day is a really good sign.
    The only advice I'll give you is to NOT be so nervous when you go out with her and just have fun and be confident.
    The holding hands in the second date is a little to much for me but that's just me, maybe she was ok with it.
    Do not rush things. Ask her out again and if she say yes then there's your answer!

    Good luck!

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