Taken from pregnancy.families.com

Millions of women each year find themselves pregnant without a partner. Sometimes relationships end during pregnancy and sometimes before the pregnancy was discovered. Whatever the reason for the situation, being alone and pregnant can be a scary time.

Women often feel isolated when they are pregnant without a partner. Childbirth preparation classes, parenting classes and baby stores are filled with happy couples waiting for their little bundle. If you are waiting alone for your little bundle, it can feel like a lonely time.

The woman's partner is the natural choice for sharing the ups and downs of pregnancy. When you are without a partner, you may feel like you have no one to share the joy of your pregnancy with you. While pregnancy may seem scary at times, it is also a happy and miraculous time of your life. Don't let your single status prevent you from enjoying this amazing time in your life.

You may be hoping for a reconciliation before or after the baby is born. This may happen and if it's what you want, I hope it works out. However, in many cases it does not. A baby won't heal a relationship. Even in the healthiest marriages, a baby adds stress. Rather than dwelling on what may be in the future, focus on the present.

The first thing you need to do is find a support network for you and the baby. You will need someone with you during labor. You will need some help after the baby is born. This could be the same person, or a few different friends and family members. You may love your mom and want her around when you get home, but not in the delivery room. If this is the case, ask a friend to be your coach and your mom to bring you and the baby home from the hospital.

The first days at home with a baby are a unique mixture of sheer joy, sheer exhaustion and sheer panic. You are madly in love with your new baby, but question every decision you make regarding her care. You will be exhausted, but very happy. Be sure you have help for the first few weeks, while you adjust to motherhood.

Support groups, such as Parents without Partners, may be a good place to connect with other single parents. These groups are a good source of support. You will find people to talk with who have been through similar situations. Some communities even have support groups for single people alone during pregnancy.