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Thread: Life goes on.....

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    Default Life goes on.....

    At the end of each day, life goes on and the sun rises again. I was heartbroken,my selfsteem was below the horizon and my world became a sorry nutshell. Today I am happy to say that this long recovery is paying off.I feel great ...I am focused, working out, making new friends and doing great at work. I know is hard when you love someone with all your heart and they don't love you back.Is tuff specially when they tell you that they do love you and is not true.(that's what happened to me)..I was down but I got up and there is no way I will be so careless with myself again because you play to win the game! For all of you out there feeling the hurt, trust me when I tell you that no matter how bad you feel life goes on and something better is going to come your way

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    You make a great point. Life always goes on no matter if you choose to be happy or miserable. Its difficult to loose someone you love but its worse to loose yourself. Its only now after 5 months that I'm taking care of me. Like you said, in the future I won't be so careless with myself either. I am putting the focus back on me and getting in shape inside and out.

    Thanks for the great words of wisdom. I'm so happy you are doing well.

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