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Thread: Family Awards Night

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    Talking Family Awards Night

    Awards Night
    A celebration to honor every member of the household.

    Here's how it works?

    First select an evening when every member of the household will be home.
    Then choose a menu or special meal that allows the entire family to share in the preparation; even if it's just setting the table or washing the lettuce.

    Pizza and ice cream sundaes are a favorite for most!

    Beforehand, ask everyone to decorate a piece of paper,one for each member of the family. Write what makes that person a valuable member of the family or what makes them special. Feeling crafty? Make blue ribbons medals or certificates (your computer will help) to honor each other as well!


    "Alex's laugh brightens up the house."
    "Kara puts so much love into her care of the cat."

    On the day, dress up for dinner, put some special music on and for extra touches, maybe even get a few balloons. This event is bound to be a favorite that no one will forget.

    Remember pictures and lots of applause!

    The Kids LOVE this!!

    "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit." -Aristotle

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    Dave that is a fantastic idea! I might have to do this one!

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