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Okay so I think I am officially a girl. I read all of your posts and I tend to feel the exact same way you all do sometimes. I battle with it constantly! I will make a move towards sex on my wife, of 12 years btw, and she won't feel well or it will be late and she is tired. So no go. I beat myself up over it thinking there is something wrong with me. Damn am I no good in bed, does she not think I am not sexy anymore. Am I not doing it for her anymore. Hahahaha. Just thought I would share that guys feel this way too sometimes. And believe me, if you work on yourself and gain some self confidence your boyfriend, husband, significant other will definitely notice. There is nothing hotter than a woman who is very self confident. My wife says the same thing about men too. Apparently I carry myself and have an exterior that I am extremely confident. Okay so yeah, I work hard on that but the truth is I battle hard on this front in my mind. Too much information? I might have gone off on a rant there.
But see what goes around comes around. You have been known to turn me down as well but I don't get all poopy pants about it =P After 12 years you outta know I love and want only you. But some days with two kids running around driving you nuts you just don't want to.

People just need to learn that it is ok for you or your partner to not always be in the mood. It happens and it is not the end of the world and it does not mean anything personal. Now if it were to happen all the time for weeks, months at a time. Well then you have a problem. Otherwise, it is just a normal relationship.