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Thread: I missed you all soo MUCH!! <3 Hugs!

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    Default I missed you all soo MUCH!! <3 Hugs!

    Hey guys,
    I've missed you all sooooo so much! It's been forever since I've really been on here. I got some posts to catch up on reading because I read them all even if I don't have time to respond to them all. The past few months I've been so busy and we don't have internet at our apartment. I have my iphone but the app for message boards that I used hasn't been working properly for me and plus I haven't hooked up my iphone to a computer in a long time so I got all these updates for apps that are unable to update due to one of the files being larger and needed to connect to a computer. Blah blah blah... long story short, I use my mom's computer but mainly to update facebook and minor things like that.
    Also, whereever I left my story last I know it was reeeeally bad because at the time I was broken up with my bf and we both handled it very immaturely (is that a word?). But since then we had gotten back together in May and have been together ever since. We're doing good. Things aren't perfect but we're working on it and pretty soon we hope to be taking a preparing for marriage class at our church. We aren't engaged yet but we are talking about marriage in the future.
    Now... why am I posting in the pregnancy section of this forum?!?!?!?!

    I'm PREGNANT!!! LOL. :-P

    According the the ultrasound lady she said at the time I measured 6 weeks so that means according to the measurements I should be at 7 weeks and 3 days today! My due date is April 22, 2011!

    At first we were both a bit worried.. he was way more worried then me because we are both at a point were we can barely just afford to pay our bills every month. Actually, I've had some recent crapola happen with one of my bank accounts that if I had known ahead of time I would have been able to prevent it and they aren't even going to help me out so I'm screwed but luckily I have another bank account with another bank and I'll figure it all out. Anywho, after I went down and got some help and now will be covered throughout my pregnancy some of that worry has subsided. We're both happy about it. It's not going to be easy financially but we'll be fine.

    Now for some ultrasound pics!

    OMG! And my fav part of the ultrasound was seeing the baby's heartbeat! It was so cute

    Oh wow! And! I thought a bit about Daniel... the one that posted on here back when his gf wasn't talking to him during the pregnancy and whatnot and I remember when I read that stuff I was so sad about how she could just push him away during that time BUT now that I have all these crazy hormones and mood swings or well... I can get upset very easily and I can just about cry on command now... LOL. Now I can see how that happens sometimes but it's really mostly just cuz we have all these crazy hormones and so sometimes we can be really really mean and sometimes it's to protect ourself from futher stress on the baby. Women are crazy! Haha.. and I am one!

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    OMG!!! CONGRATS Jess! How are you feeling? Are you ready to be a Mom? ( a lil late now ha ha) What do you have lined up for the future?

    I am speechless!! WOW!!

    "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit." -Aristotle

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    Haha.. I get the I'm speechless reaction a lot lately. It's fun telling people and the different reactions.

    I'm feeling pretty good. I actually have had no m/s yet even though everytime I say that I hope I'm not jinxing myself. LOL. I did feel nautious the other day but I think that was caused by taking my prenatal vitamin at a different time of day then normal and I took it before I ate rather then after. I am just switching to taking those before bed now. Other then that nothing bad except for the boob pain...haha.

    Yeah, a little late to not be ready to be a mom now. Heh. But I'm ready. I wasn't planning on becoming one so soon. I was planning maybe a year or two from now but I've always wanted one kid so I'm ready. I've had a lot of experience with kids since I helped with my lil sister and brother and I've done a lot of babysitting and I work at a daycare! I love kids. They are a lot of work though but they are adorable.

    Currently, I'm taking one class this fall and I need to go down and talk to financial aid because they have removed it but I'm gonna appeal to try and get it back for winter quarter so that I can hopefully be able to get covered to go full time winter quarter. I only need a few more full time quarters to graduate with my liberal arts associates degree. I'm thinking realistically that I should get that done by the next year or two depending on my financial aid. Then I'm gonna apply for financial aid to work towards my bacholer's degree in education because I'm really enjoying the working with kids. I think if I can manage that I could probably end up with a good teaching job later on. I'm continuing to work at my daycare for now. My boyfriend had been doing house cleanouts and mowing lawns and soon he'll be doing snow removal. He's still looking for a full time job though. He'd be able to help out watching the baby during my school schedule though when I return.

    I'm still in planning stages for everything and I've learned a lot lately that things don't ever go as planned but I'm sure however my future pans out I will enjoy the ride.

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    Hey! Funny you found my post today because I was just about to come here to post an update! I'm 12 weeks today. To answer your questions.. No change in due date, due date is still April 22nd! It's too early for them to tell gender so I won't find out til Dec 2nd. My mom is happy now and my brother and sister are excited. Grandparents are a bit old fashioned so they are still getting used to the idea. We've talked about getting married June 8th on our anniversary but it's not exacly set yet. We aren't engaged yet because he wants to get me a ring first and stuff so it's just talking about it right now.

    I had another ultrasound yesterday and an appointment today. Ultrasound was awesome! Got to see the baby moving all around jumping and also reclining and just hanging out. It was also rubbing it's eyes and looked like it was sucking it's thumb. The beautiful healthy heartbeat was 158. Heard the heartbeat on a little monitor again today and it sounded good. At my dr appt I had lost 3 pounds from the last time I was in so my dr old me I wasn't getting enough calories so this morning I made sure to force myself to eat a lot to get enough calories in by noon. Gotta work on more calorie intake. I do eat! But I just need to eat stuff with more fat and protein and he's even not concerned if I cave in to the sugary stuff! Haha pretty nice!

    Oh and her is an ultrasound pic!

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