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Thread: My son(17) has not spoken to his sister(14) in almost 2 years

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    Sphynx-I agree that I have to stand by my statement and I am planning to do that too. I know it will be hard to get him to get counseling because I had allready tried it before and he just refused to go. He even got very upset with me when I tried to convince him why it would be good. How do you take someone to counseling if they don't want to go?
    I can't force him, that wouldn't work. But If he keeps up this behaviour in the new house, maybe I'll ask my brother to talk to him again.

    Writing this just gave me an idea. My son's best friends father is a therapist. Maybe I can ask him to talk to my son when he is over there. I can even offer to pay him but my son doesn't have to know he is getting counseling, It must look like a casual talk. Or maybe he can convince him to go to counseling. I think I'm going to give it a try. Do you think that would be a good idea?

    Kelley- I too think part of it has to do with puberty because he is a really good kid and he and I get along great. He is always so sensible, down to earth, independant and mature with everything else. Always tells me where is or will be and whith who, he doesn't drink or smoke or hangs with bad friends and treats me with respect. He listens to me but he has a strong will and if he doesn't like something he will not play the part just to keep the peace. He is very honest and hates dishonesty from others. He allready has plans for the future and is working towards them. Everybody that knows him likes him. It's just this thing with his sister and some of my family members that he has to work on.
    Thank you both for your replies. I will keep you posted.

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    Silverstar~ yes very good idea! At this point, whatever will help "him".....and, it may be the answer....either way, whatever helps, I wish you all well... keep us posted!

    As always....



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