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    First time posting here... Hoping for the best!

    My wife and I have been married happily for 7 years, together for 9. We have a relatively good relationship overall, and we love eachother greatly.

    I have been trying to find ways for us to improve our sex lives, but unfortunetly my wife is a bit "up tight" in that regard, having been raised in a Catholic family. On top of that, we have a 19-month old at home, so play time is limited to nap/sleep time.

    I have ideas of all these wonderful things that I think would be a lot of fun for us to do to change it up from the routine, but getting there seems impossible, like I am missing some steps I need to take.

    So, question 1 is: Does anyone (male or female) have any suggestions or expierences on how they were able to get their significant other to open up a bit in that regard?

    I have been looking online a bit at this, and some of the "experts" have recommended starting out with watching pornographic materials. Again, as my wife is very conservative in general, she is not into watching it, and in fact, I actually dont much care for "professional" porn as it and the people are too fake. This leads to my second question which is:

    Does anyone have any recommendations on decent adult videos to watch as a couple? I would set some critera as:

    - Something relatively tame that wont scare the wife off
    - Something more sensual than sexual maybe?
    - Needs to be realistic
    - Needs to be appropriate for both genders (i.e. watching a BJ only video would not do)
    - Needs to not be tachy

    Ultimately the goal is to not scare the wife off.

    Thanks in advance for all your advice and tips.


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    Hello Jim and welcome here...

    I'm glad you posted your question as i belive there are many other out there either facing the same problem or looking for something like that but don't have the courage to ask for guidance. I'm no expert in pornography but based on the criterias you mentioned above the best stuff i can recommend is the videos you can find on the site if you private message me.

    The videos you find there available for (paid) download are in HD, are not cheaply made, no hardcore ugly stuff, all are very sensual/feelings oriented and are appropiate for both genders. I really don't think they will scare anyone and to be honest it's the best material i can think of....the rest that come to mind are all commercial 50 made in the same day same studio BS unrealistic crap you can find anywhere on the net.

    Cheers, Mike
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    I am a pretty outgoing wife. There is not really anything that would scare me off. Here are a few suggestions.

    -Take baby steps, to get her to the point where y'all can enjoy a flick together, start with taking a picture of her with your phone when she is wearing a lowcut shirt. See if you can get her to push up her girls so that you can get a nice shot of her with good cleavage and be very complimentary about it, maybe it could get her to be a little daring and at least give her a very small taste of porn. Lead up from there.

    -If the two of you spend any time outside at your home, and have a decent amount of privacy in somewhere like your back yard, try to get a little action out there. Public sex acts can be a big adrenaline rush. Again, just start small, like the backyard. Maybe while driving in the car, put your hand on her leg and start moving it up her thigh. Test the waters.

    Hope these suggestions might help! Good luck!

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