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    .....Ladies have you ever had a guy tell you ....My feelings have changed.... this was what my guy said after...18 great co habitating months....It was Graduation time for his youngest son... also the son had a move in...The ex wife was there during all this....I Thought we were doing great the he hits me with his Feelings have changed ... next thing he is moving back in his house with his ex....He was divorced but living with his ex for financial..Her financial...he is very stable financially...what a fool she was to have divorced him in the first place for a guy at the airport where she worked... it fell through... he has been her financial support and friend till now 8 years divorced.........then I was his hairdresser I hit on him we hit it off...I let him move in with me... we were in love... He moved back home with his ex.....Now he won't speak to me at all ...I consider this emotional abuse... have you ladies ever have a guy just stop talking to you ...whats with that ....It makes me want to.... smack them in the face..... and call them a coward.....carol in louisville...

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    Welcome and that's harsh. If I put myself in your place, I feel...betrayed. I feel as if I was used and was his rebound woman. But you know what?

    It's not about him. You took a chance. That was brave. So you made a mistake in being with someone who wasn't over their ex. Who hasn't done that?!

    I suggest you look forward in your life. He isn't worth your time or thoughts. How lucky are you? He divorced his wife after 8 years, that could easily have been you in 1 year's time! If people haven't fundamentally changed or dealt with their issues, then the problems remain. SuperDave wrote once that if a car had a flat would you get out look at it and then keep driving on it?! You have to do something about it for things to be different. For them that is something they will need to work out.

    For you, this has to be painful. Try to look at what you have learned, what you would now do differently in starting a relationship with someone and where you want to go now. In my humble opinion it is best for you to have No Contact with him, so him not talking to you is actually helpful in you recovering, although you might not feel it is now.

    Take a deep breath, exhale and keep going, this is not the end, he is not the end, your path and life goes on, let us see what good things are coming your way.

    All the best,


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