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Thread: The no contact rule

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    Default The no contact rule

    I recently broke up with my boyfriend of one year. He seemed like a good guy but there were definite red flags but all of them were regarded by him as me being insecure. We broke up after I found out he was "chatting" with other girls. Now as time has gone one, I'm finding out and piecing more and more of his cheating together. I'm so hurt and I want nothing more than to tell him what I know and what I think of him. I've had no contact with him for the last few weeks but I'm still so angry. I'm not sure how to handle this. My brain is telling me that I just need to move on and be glad that it didn't take longer to find out who he really is but my heart is still missing him. A part of me wonders what I did wrong. Being cheated on can really do a number on your self esteem. I definitely want no contact, but it's becoming more and more difficult as each day passes. I'm hoping this is the hump I have to get over for it to get better. Any suggestions?

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    I have no doubt you feel betrayed. I am going to agree with your brain (sounds silly I know) but telling someone off or trying to figure out what happened AFTER the fact would not result in much because he probably would not be honest enough to tell you the 100% truth. Sometimes it's better off NOT kowing that it is knowing.

    Let us know what you think.

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