i am a woman and was in love with another women. both of us single. three years ago we were working together on account of her work order. she said she would take her with me wherever she went and said she loved me. but after five months she moved to another city becaiuse of work order. initially i kept in touch with her but when i used to call she would say that my addiction for her is one way and calling frequently causes addiction , why I had called her. I cannot let go or move on. I am not able to find anybody else. I am an albino. She only replies happy new year messages. She doesn't want to talk with me. I have no daring to call her. She will say why I had called her and get angry. I want to reconnect with her and live her for life. Show me the way. She Why this change.was not like that vefore. She had asked me whether I had a dream girl?