Got a 2nd date yesterday. We walked around dwtn and had ice cream and then nIghtmarket.first date i didnt touch her we just talk at coffee shop. 2nd date.
we went to night market and taiwan fest. during the nightmarket i would touch on her and she reject it and later 10 min later touch arm on shoulder arm on waist and she reject it.
i paid for her ice cream and some food.=10dollar.
she tell me she got a bf. I ask her why she meets me and she says as friends. She shows me pic of her and her bf.she met bf in japan but he lives in usa now.
what a waste of time today.
She just meet me as a friend. i went direct approach her at library. . why she think we meet up as friends
She is a Japanese foreigner 4 weeks in Vancouver
I ask her why u don't like me and she said yes but as friend. I don't need a friend I dont need bf