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Thread: How to tell this guy I like him

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    Default How to tell this guy I like him

    There's this guy who works at my local starbucks.

    He's been working there for about 2 years and has always says hi, how are you.
    I went there about 6months ago and when I had made my order he said I was well manned, I didn't think any thing of it so just said thanks.
    About a month or 2 past and I went again one time and he said it again. I was bit shocked and didn't know how to respond so just said thank you again.

    I though he was just being friendly

    But since he said that he's been staring at me, started off about 10secs every so often. But in past month of so when I've been going he seems to stare at me for about 30-50secs quite often. Then if his male workmates are there he will stare at me then turn to them and they will say something to him and he would answer back/laugh at the same time (Like they were teasing/paying him out about something), then he would stare again, and they would sort of stare as well.

    Then I went there last week and he acted like he didn't know me/was just a normal customer.

    Then I went there saturday night and he was really friendly and also stared at me again from time to time.

    Why is he playing me hot and cold

    I've found out from previous post on forums that he 99% likes me, and when I told my parents about the comment they though the same thing too.
    I like him to just haven't told him yet.

    He seems quite a confident guy around his workmates and other customers.

    I'm not that confident so don't just want to walk up and tell him I like him.

    What are some compliments/things I could say to let him know/ making him realise I like him to.

    Also I will be moving 1.5hr drive away in feb for UNI, so I don't have long left.

    I've been thinking should I bring that up in conversation that I will be going away to uni to make him realise he doesn't have long to ask me out.
    Or will telling him about that scare him off and he won't want to ask me out.

    I know people say that long distance relationships won't work, but I think it could do.

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    Hi ally, glad to have you with us

    Well, you (and uninspired him also) missed some great opening lines yesterday when the world didn't end (made and heard so many great jokes on this one) but you can still go with that as the fire is still warm
    Now this staring thing is nice for a while, but how long do you think it will take until it will begin to feel a bit freaky and he begins to look more like an, as an old romanian saying goes, "dumbstruck ox coming home, only to find a new gate...doesn't enter, just sits there moooing"? Confidence around workmates and other people doesn't necessarily mean he'll be like that around all people, it just means that's his attitude in a familiar environment and is in no way a guarantee he'll maintain his level of confidence around women (i know people that are all Sarge McBadAs* around males but quickly turn to Mr SilentPuppyEyes when talking to women). Unfortunately i can't just tell him "Man up dude, you're taking too long" but i can ask you what i ask my "taking too long male friends": "What do you have to loose?" Just say to him that you find him interesting and want to know him better, it should be enough of an opening for him to stop mooing and enter the damn gate If he doesn't get this hint, man that boy is slow, but again, what have you lost? He gets the point, yeey, it's happy ally and coffee guy going on a date. He plays it dumb, you're back where you were before asking but at least you've got your answer: change the coffee shop and the coffee guy

    Hook and release games aren't necessary here in my opinion (adding that time restrain i mean), as they will only drag a potential already dead horse.

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