I've come here in hopes I can find an answer to the small issue I am currently facing in my relationship.

I have been in a relationship with my girlfriend for 4 years - it's amazing. We are totally in this for the long haul and couldn't imagine being with anyone else. The only issue is, intimacy. I have what seems to be a much higher sex drive than my partner. However - when i say I have a higher sex drive - I mean we make love maybe once every 2 weeks or longer, and frankly I'd like it to be a bit more frequent, and not the one ALWAYS initiating.. my girlfriend isn't very forth coming with initiating any sort of intimacy and therefore, I always have to "ask".

I truly do not understand it, while I know we are absolutely in love and there is no doubt in my mind of her commitment to me. I just don't understand why our sex life has pretty much sizzled out (on her side). I've asked her, and she simply says she doesn't know - and that she is pretty much tired a lot from work and what not. I thought i could deal and continue on, but I'm finding it difficult to accept the fact that when i'm in the mood, I pretty much just suffer in hopes to not bother her.

Any advice? Do I settle and cope with reality, is it healthy that the sex drive has sizzled?