Ok, so I've been with this amazing guy for 7 months now and before dating, we were like best friends. He is sweet and patient with me. Well, earlier today i was on my sisters phone and somebody had sent her a text, well the person who had sent it was well, i guess you can say an old, uh, "friend" if you catch my drift. Well, nothing had ever really happened between me and him because he's in a different state, and besides it's been more than 2 years. Well when i had seen his name, i had written "hey, remember me?" and that's all that i had said. Well right after saying that, a huge wave of guilt spread over me, i'm not sure WHY i said ANYTHING at ALL to him...i told a couple of friends one told me i shouldnt feel guilty because i didnt do anything wrong and its my decision if i tell my boyfriend or not, my other friend told me that if im feeling guilty, i should tell my boyfriend what happened, and that i should be a good girl...i still havent said anything, im still scared...any advice???