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Thread: wife wants a woman?

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    Default wife wants a woman?

    Been married 10 years weve had our ups and downs but still surviving even after a recent small seperation. Sex life has been good but since we have gotten back together she has brought up wanting to be with another woman.Now of course i said yes but not just so i can be with them at same time but to make her happy if thats what she wants. she has clerly stated that she does not want me touching other girl but that maybe i could watch sometime ? watever! she has already met this chick online and she is married to and says she doesnt want her husband with another chick? weve got kids and they dont. so i know she will have to go over there and i know drinking and some pot smoking and good times are to be had. so i guess my question is is it wrong for me to be jealous? is it wrong for me to tell her no? and of course no matter what im gonna think about the other guy being there! even tho my wife says she dont want that im not stupid and know wat good times lead too. idk should i b worried? i know its a long post! sorry lol

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    Hi there

    I can understand the desire to be with your kids, but man, this is a weird situation... The biggest danger i see, is creating a precedent: now you'll agree with this, but keep in mind, you'll raise the bar forever. What worries me is another aspect you didn't expand in your post: is this desire supposed to be a one time thing, a curiosity that needs to be satisfied or it's presented to you like a new life-style that you're supposed to agree and live with? honestly, if the second part is your answer, why bother? It's clear that you'll become a stranger and it's only a matter of time before she'll find another lonely woman who'll want to settle, meaning there will be a lot of pressure involved in bailing you out. If the first part is your answer, i do agree with you that good times easily lead to something else. Caution is advised and i'll consider holding my ground, making it clear that although you agree with satisfying her curiosity, you don't agree with this certain way of doing it and a replacement should be found.

    Cheers, Mike

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