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Thread: Why do guys......

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    Default Why do guys......

    Alright, guys, someone please explain something to me....
    Scenario..... guy and girl are best friends. Super best friends. Guy and girl both make their feelings known. Everybody's happy. (ps.... HE made the first moves. I was trying to take it slow for his sake and once he came clean, I followed his lead and then he realized he wasn't ready. I said I was okay just being friends, but he still wigged out.) Then guy realizes that the girl is truly attached. Guy bounces. Why??????? What is it about knowing that a girl is hooked that runs y'all off? I don't understand. "I just want somebody to love me unconditionally." But as soon as he gets that, he gets scared off! I'm so frustrated over this. Can some of you awesome men please explain this to me? I'm happy to pm more details because I'd really like some advice on the best way to keep this friendship. Yes, friendship. I'm not in a hurry for anything at all, but he's been my best friend and I don't want to lose that. Thanks for your help guys!! Y'all rock!!

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    Dear Elisha,

    I note none of the guys have been around too much to help on this, however, sometimes getting what you want is scary! This especially applies if the thing you wanted is emotionally overwhelming. IMHO you can't hold on to a friendship if the other person wants to leave. My advice? Take a deep breath, let go and accept whatever is coming or happening. Focus on your own things and life. IME if the friendship is true, then when he has recovered he'll be sheepish & you will forgive him for being silly & you can just get on. If not, then you've lost nothing, as a friend who can't handle a situation like that is unlikely to be able to be supportive in other stressful circumstances.

    Remember by trying to force the issue you are, in my view, likely to push him further away.

    All the best,


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