Hey Guys and Gals,

Me and my ex girlfriend broke up over a year ago and it was a pretty clean break up. It wasn't exactly mutual and in the beginning it was really hard for me to not see her as my girlfriend anymore. In the beginning she blocked me everywhere and just vanished (guessing N/C), which worked for both of us. But then at some point she unblocked me everywhere (except Facebook) and told me she still wanted to be friends with me. I quote "couldn't bear not talking to me" just didn't want to be lovers anymore. (I pretty much scared her away due to being too suffocating). So over a phew months we started to talk to eachother again but just as friends.

I noticed this was pretty hard on me, most things we would talk about would remind me about something we used to do and I would bring it up. She told me this really made her feel uncomfortable and after that I didn't do it anymore. Things gradually returned to normal and we could just have fun talks together. Over the next course of time we just had fun talks, nothing relationshippy or serious, it felt like we were somewhat friends again. She wished me merry xmas, happy new year, happy bday all that sort of stuff.

Now in 2013 we haven't talked much (which is oke), but then the weirdest thing happened. Basically I was cleaning my hard disk and came across one of the first pictures she ever sent me. This picture which we both thought was lost just brought back fond memories. I decided to send it to her, nothing lovey dovey or whatever. The message was just Hey, I was cleaning my pc and came across this pic.. happy times And well afterward I was blocked everywhere.

I'm kind of confused by her reaction. We did have a pretty intense relationship almost 3 years ago, but were broken up for more then a year and talked just occasionally, why would she block me after this picture?

Thanks a lot for your reactions