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Thread: Broke up with my Girlfriend Am I too jealous?

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    Default Broke up with my Girlfriend Am I too jealous?

    Dated my girlfriend for 18 months, six months into the relationship I discovered she had been texting her ex. .. checking out his pics and his current girlfriends pics very frequently... at least 2 3 times a week....

    I confronted her and told her it bothered me that she checked out his pics almost daily... she even went back to her hometown to visit family and met up with him without telling me. So she promised me she'd stop talking to this guy. Now I'm not a jealous guy she has other guy friends. I allow her to go to clubs and bars alone with her friends. Always tell her to have fun. So after she promised me she would stop I caught her texting him again.

    In the texts they were joking about how I was a jealous guy. I confronted her again and told her it had bothered me., again she promised she would stop. A month down the road I came home from school to find she had called him while I was at school. I confronted her really upset again she promised she would stop. She went back home to spend time with her friends 1 weekend I saw pictures of her at a club with her friends...knowing her ex worked at a club in her hometown I asked her which club she was at she said the name. .. I did research and found out through Facebook pics that she had been at the club her ex works at. Again I wondered why was she lying?

    Confronted her again even more upset threatened to leave her... told her if I stayed it would be the same always, she would never get this guy out of her life. Told her she lied so many times. She again sobbing told me she loved me and was dumb for screwing up again promised she would stop immediately. I even talked to her ex and explained he was causing grief in our relationship... I asked him what would he do if it was his girlfriend. He even agreed he wouldn't stay with his gr8. And told me that my gf told him I'm jealous and don't let her talk to any guys... I explained she has many guy friends who I don't mind her talking to... but for some reason she always tested and checked him out behind my just before the holidays we were going to go to her parents house out of town for the holidays.

    I discovered she had again checked out her ex very frequently. .. she then told me that she talked to him and kept talking to him because her ex had told her I said it was ok if they tested each other.... I then broke up with her and moved out .... and didn't spend the holidays together. ... we started talking again and now we live apart. .. she expressed desire to get back together down the road, she says she doesn't want to date nobody and will wait for me. .. do I give her another shot? How can I ever trust her? Am I too jealous? Was I wrong to leave her? And of course she went back home for the holidays she's the little girl of the family so she threw me under the bus to her family... not even sure what she told them... what do I do she says she lo especially me.... I believe her when she tells me I love her like crazy as well. ... am I being blinded by my love for her?

    These are the questions that run through my head constantly. ... I need help making this decision.... and I will show her all your comments... do I deserve better or am the biggest idiot ever? Does she get another chance y or y not?

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    Are you kidding? Seriously...She has been caught MULTIPLE times and she puts on the crocodile tears and you take her back. Put yourself in someone else's shoes and read your story again. What would you tell someone in the exact same situation?

    I say...let he go. If you can't trust her, what DO you have?

    Take care,

    "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit." -Aristotle

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