We started out as best friends after getting to know each other 5 years ago I never met a person like her ever extremely beautiful with a personality to match so I had a crush on her for a while I was afraid of rejection but I kept thinking about her and I'm in tune with my intuition and I felt it in my mind heart and soul it was like a burning warm feeling in my heart it told me that she is my soul mate and from that day forward I couldn't get over her I tried getting with her that night and she rejected me saying that getting with me would be a long term relationship and she don't want that she wanna keep messing around with other dudes I couldn't understand it but I tried letting go but we stayed best friends but over and over again I kept trying to get with her she is a pisces so they like unexpected romantic stuff so I tried that she liked it but still nothing then she got annoyed and told me she would stop being friends with me if I kept trying to get with her I couldn't help it and I couldn't get over her no matter what I did and some time past I got into a relationship with a female who was really bad for me I still was in love with my soul mate but I kept her in the back of my mind and due to a situation me and my soul mate stopped talking but reconnected later close to the end of the relationship of a horrible female that I was wit I cheated on my girlfriend with my soul mate and I broke up with my girlfriend after that and I was single for two weeks and during those two weeks my soul mate moved in with me just being best friends again and she just got out of a long relationship herself and me and my soul mate was having sex through the next two weeks and I tried getting with her again and she said no so I finally gave up I started to distance myself from her cuz I couldn't have her and I can't get over her and she sensed the distance so that night I was at a friend's house and out of nowhere my intuition told me to go home so I did and she was in my room we talked and she asked me out I was happy as hell lol

So we lasted two and a half years in a relationship we had sex a lot and after a huge argument she realized I was her soul mate things were good and after a year and a few months she gave birth to my daughter but after the baby the sex became a lot less saying that my size hurted her so instead of a few times a week it was like once a month which really sucked so to help me out she suggested a open relationship I was skeptical at first and it took me a while to warm up to it she said she don't have any friends to hang out with and sex is just sex as long there ain't emotions involved and to help me with my sexual desires and I knew from the start that she can get anyone everybody wants her all she gotta do is walk down the street and take her pic so we tried dating apps she found people and met with them but they ain't last long cuz of their dishonesty and I couldn't even meet people I felt left out so months pass by she finds a guy who she clicks with he lives in new jersey like a 3 hour drive from us they havent met yet but they would talk on the phone everyday they still do and everyone I find never wants to go all the way with me and I felt left out and then she started being distant with me she payed so much attention to him and barely to me once I told her she then balanced it out for a few days and then she started being distant again then like two weeks later she says she is tired of all the compliments she is tired of guys wanting to have sex with her and also the guy from jersey she talking to doesn't know that she is in a open relationship with me we tell everyone we single cuz people can't accept a open relationship but anyway she said no sex no compliments no affection just a tap kiss and we still talk and to let her know that when I'm out that I'm ok it was fine but the distance was killing me and two days later she broke up with me I had a emotional outburst that scared her but.I'm ok now I know the best way to deal with her would be to stay away from her for good cuz she still talking to the guy everyday and told me she going to see him for a weekend in February starting on Valentine's day which she don't see as a big deal I would disappear from her but we on the same lease and I have a daughter to her I appreciate any advice so I can move on from her cuz this is too painful

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