So... I've been with this guy for 2 months, we broke up 4 times since we met (i know, a lot) because we r always having arguments and he never wants to talk about. He says he loves me ad wants to be with me but it makes hard to it. We started very fast, he rushed things. He introduced me to his family at the first week we were dating and said he loved me at the 2nd one. And thats what made me like him.
We broke up last week and now we r gettin back together (again). But he says he wants to slow things down. How is that even possible with all the intensity we have? I said is hard for me since I fell in love for the guy I met, not the "slow things down guy". He said he is stressed with family and work an thats why he is pushing me away, when im actually want to be there for him. Am I wrong?? We live each other too much, but I dont feel like slowing things. Im 24 and he is 28

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