I'm new to this.... Im 29 and my girlfriend is 28.. We been together for 12years we are high school sweethearts and we have 3 beautiful girls together age 2,7,10 so for the past few months we have been arguing for the littlest things and getting on each other nerves so a couple of weeks ago I was looking around the social media and I found an old girl -friend from high school let's call her Judith. So we started to text and than talk on the phone so one day Judith confess to me that she had the biggest crush on me and I confess to her I did too ..so we decided to meet up for some drinks everything went okay than the second time we met up we went for dinner come back to her place and we had sex ... Don't k now what was going in my head ..but I felt so bad that I had just cheated on my girlfriend of 12years and as the weeks went by I started to fall in love with Judith so we started to date her as my girlfriend ..same time as my 12year girlfriend and to make things worst one day Judith and I had a drunk night and had sex and I finished in her so a few days ago she told me she is pregnant.. Wow .. What a shock. At first I was willing to leave my current girlfriend for Judith she knew about my kids and she accept me and my kids plus my current girlfriend and I warnt getting along anymore so I've been so cold with my girlfriend and she's noticed and started to ask me if I'm cheating on her and I keep telling her no .... I can't find the courage to tell her the truth ... She loves me like there is no tomorrow so I was planning of telling her next month about this and moving on with Judith plus still taking care of. My 3girls but just. A few days ago my girlfriend started venting out all her feeling and I finally saw the love we once had .. Now I don't want to lose her but I'm stuck I'm in love with both of them I don't know what to do ..I don't want to hurt them but I know feelings will get hurt ..... Please help me I'm driving myself crazy I don't know what to do I regret cheating I don't want to lose my family I'm happy I'm having another baby but not happy I did them wrong ... Thanks ahead